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Grace Residence: There’s no place like home sweet home (没有地方比得上家)

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Grace Residence

[Paid Review] A typical weekday for a family staying in Grace Residence.

Grace Residence

Typical weekday

It was a short drive home to Grace Residence (5 mins) from the Wesley Methodist International School. In the car was Jenny (a finance manager) and her 11 year old daughter Emily.  Emily loves her school, her teacher and all her funny friends. Just 17 minutes earlier, Jenny left her working place (a US-multinational company based in Bayan Lepas) at 530pm and Emily is in her car now. The time on her watch showed 5:52pm.

Emily has a 17 year old sister, Natalie who had just started her medical course at the RCSI UCD (RUMC) which is a top medical university in Penang. Natalie said she wanted to save as many people as possible when she becomes a doctor. RUMC is just 16 minutes away from home. Natalie’s already home earlier as her last class ends at 5pm.


Jenny’s husband, Nigel is a founder of an IT start-up which has now gone regional and he has an office just 8 minutes away from home where he has a small team of 8 IT professionals. With Penang island being accessible easily, sometimes Nigel has meetings with his team out of office in a cosy café nearby Grace Residence.

Image source: Coffee Signature @Jelutong, Penang.

Plenty of Dinner Choices

Everyone arrived home before 6pm on weekdays. A delicious dinner follows and they have a few favourite restaurants nearby Grace Residence. Life’s really convenient when all the places we need to be daily are minutes away. It’s also tasty and happy when favourite food places are minutes away too.

Family time is quality time

At home, with a functional kitchen and spacious living area, occasionally, Jenny whips up her Spaghetti Bolognaise for the family and she buys her ingredients from Sunshine supermarket which is just 3 minutes away. While waiting for dinner by Jenny to be ready, everyone would be in the living room. Nigel, Natalie and Emily will battle it out in their favourite family game, Monopoly.

Grace Residence

When weekends and holidays arrive

During weekends, they have access to the Batu Ferringhi beach which is 36 minutes away. They have done picnics there many times within the last few months. In the evenings, a hike in Penang Botanical Garden is both relaxing and rejuvenating too. When school holidays arrives and they need to travel somewhere further away, Penang International Airport is only 14 minutes away.

Grace Residence

A home sweet home choice?

Do you wish to have a home which is really a home sweet home for the family? Where work, play and amenities are accessible easily?

Do you wish to have a home which is low density (only 378 units) and well designed with spacious layout, airy and bright corridors, an inviting pool for a swim and fun with family and a friendly gym accessible daily?

Grace Residence

Spacious Common Corridor

Grace Residence

Infinity Pool

Grace Residence

G.R.E.A.T package

Do you wish to have a G.R.E.A.T home sweet home? G.R. stands for Grace Residence. E is Exclusivity (only 378 units). A is Accessibility and T is Thriving. Jelutong is in the thick of action when we speak about Penang island. It counts Greenlane, Gelugor and even Georgetown city centre as neighbours.

Grace Residence is ready for you

Grace Residence is completed and ready for you today. In fact, call them for a viewing and decide if this is going to be a GREAT decision for you as well. If you like to know what some of the residents think, click on the video below. By the way, these are residents and not paid actors / actresses. See you soon in the sales gallery.  Their contact details right after these videos.

CONTACT DETAILS as follows: (We can arrange for a viewing)

Address: 1-02-02, Jalan Ahmad Nor, Pusat Perdagangan Nova, 11600, Penang

Call us @ +604 – 282 0577 / +6012 – 421 1376

Email us: info@novamulia.com

Download the brochure here.

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