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Who does NOT want to revenge travel when we are allowed to?

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soldiers in line to get in a plane

In many places where travelling is allowed as Covid-19 is under control, revenge travel happened. Rushing to the beach for example…

Not sure about all of you but if you ask me if I want to travel soon, my answer is a strong Yes. It just need to be within Malaysia for now since travelling overseas would meant never ending quarantines. Too much money wasted to stay in a hotel for 14 days… Alas, it’s MCO in Selangor and I am stuck within my district until probably mid May or longer.

That minimum spending for travelling

When I travel, it will be 4 of us. It meant a family room in a hotel or it has to be an apartment instead. Assuming it’s RM350 per night for 3 nights, that’s RM1,050 for the trip. Add RM200 for meals per day and that’s RM200 x 4 days = RM800. Plus buy lots of delicious food for friends and families and for this short local trip alone, I will spend easily RM2,000. This would go into that local economy. If that local economy hosts just 200 families per weekend, that’s RM400,000 into the local economy.

That multiplier effects from my spending

The hotel staffs would have salaries, the local restaurants would have patrons, the home industries would also have customers and they will then spend this earned money and multiplier effect happens too. This is why when no one could travel, the whole economy shrinks. I am not alone in thinking about travel. Nearly half of all Malaysians think the same; travelling within the next three months.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com A RESEARCH conducted by Finder.com reveals that over two-fifths (44.36%) of Malaysians want to travel in the next three months. This is based on its Travel Index. With 44.36%, Malaysia ranked the highest in wanting to travel in the next three months followed by India (41.15%) and the Philippines (38.58%).

The overall statistics in the April survey revealed that 48.63% of men wanted to travel more. This is higher than women where 40.76% wants to travel more. The country where the population likes to travel least would be the Canadians. Only 6.49% have plans to travel in the coming three months. Do read here for the full article: Article in themalaysianreserve.com

Revenge travel is certainly going to happen (survey is not needed)

Revenge travel means as soon as we could travel, we are going to travel and travel and travel. Actually, it’s just catching up on all the travel we did not do because of the never ending lockdowns. If we used to travel to 5 places in a year, well, we have not travelled for a year. Thus, in the following year, chances are we will travel to 10 places. This is why as long as the economy does not collapse, what will happen next is a strong rebound.

Please remember that this is a health crisis, it’s not a financial crisis which will take a lot more restructuring. Of course if the economy collapses, then it’s a financial crisis caused by a health crisis. Continue to save enough money for the upcoming revenge travelling yeah. See you in some places out of Selangor once it’s allowed.

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