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Nestcon IPO on the way. June 2021

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Nestcon IPO on the way. June 2021.

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Briefly, the company wants the public to participate in the company’s potential growth as an investor. It was actually a low year for IPOs in 2020. There were just 18 of them. Recovery in IPO number may be coming. It was earlier forecasted that there may be up to 30 IPOs for 2021 (click here to read).

I think we start to see the trend for Initial Public Offering (IPO) coming back. Just a week earlier, I wrote about this Tuju Setia IPO in May 2021 (click to read). Today, there’s another company going for IPO. it’s in the construction industry and it’s eyeing on pushing adoption of industrialised building system (IBS). Do note that I do not know anyone in the company and whether you subscribe the shares or not is your decision yeah.

Article in nst.com.my Nestcon said the IPO entailed a public issue of 161.0 million new shares and an offer for sale of 32.2 million existing shares via private placement. The listing is scheduled for June 2021 in ACE Market.

Group managing director Datuk Ir. Dr. Lim Jee Gin said, “We are thrilled, to say the least, as this IPO brings not only capital funding but also other indirect benefits such as an enhanced brand presence as well as the flexibility to tap into the capital market in the future.”

Lim said one of the company’s strategies was to embrace mass production principles via the adoption of an industrialised building system (IBS). He said, “With a part of the IPO proceeds, we plan to establish our own on-site IBS facility that will expedite project delivery time and reduce reliance on foreign workers while simultaneously improve the quality of work.” Do read the full article with more details here: Article in nst.com.my

Construction sector is growing again in 2021

With economic recovery comes construction recovery too. Construction sector contributes 4% to the GDP. Please refer chart below from theedgemarkets.com However, for 2021, it is expected to recover strongly with a growth of 11% year on year. Article for reference here.

Investing into a company via stocks is of course much easier versus buying a property yeah. Cost of entry is low and nearly everyone could start buying a share they like. Plus it’s much more liquid too. Happy deciding after understanding more about the construction industry as well as sufficient due diligence.

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