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Double-storey landed homes in Penang for less than RM250,000? Developed by Scientex.

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If you think this double-storey landed home is within the Penang island, then you may now skip this article. It’s in Tasek Gelugor and this is NOT the same as Gelugor where USM campus is situated. Tasek Gelugor is in mainland Penang and it’s under Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai. (MPSP) By the way, the reason for this article is because the price is really cheap and I do think if there are people looking for landed homes in Penang, then this represents an opportunity.

According to Scientex, the developer this Phase 1 launched in October 2020 is 90 percent sold. The name of the development is Lily. The photo is as per below and as for the actual specs of the home, do refer to the image right after. Article in nst.com.my here. The below is a photo from the developer’s website.

By the way, you go get a clue from looking at the photo about the width of the home yeah. Nevertheless, parking two cars is certainly possible as the width is 16 ft and this is still the typical car park lot x 2. To put this into perspective, Proton Saga’s width is 1,689mm (5.5 ft). So, on paper, it’s possible to park two Proton Sagas side by side with the space in-between both cars at 2 ft and space for the cars with the wall to be 1.5 ft. Granted, it’s NOT that spacious but please look at the price again. Thank you.

3 Bedrooms meant that it’s sufficient for a family of 4. 3 Bathrooms also meant no one needs to share unless all 4 needed to go to the bathroom at the same time. 🙂 Actual built-up is 1,123 sq ft. However, the plus here is that you get to park your car and walk just a few steps to reach the front door. If you like to download their brochure, this is the place at their website.

This is not a sponsored post

When the property is really an affordable one, there’s no need for the developer to pay to post. I am happy to post this if it benefits anyone looking for an affordable LANDED HOME in Penang which really do seem like a dream? Yes, I sold my condominium of 1,258 sq ft maybe 8 years ago for RM640,000 and the selling price is enough to buy 2 units of Lily by Scientex and one could still have RM140,000 for renovations.

This is NOT beside the Penang Bridge

Please be realistic yeah. If this is beside the Penang bridge, this article will not happen. It’s also not actually in the middle of nowhere. Please do take a look at what’s nearby. You do have schools, universities, fastfood restaurants and malls too. They have forgotten to list one more which is the Kulim High Tech Park. That’s also just about 20km away. So, probably can also be another target market. While there may be homes of similar pricing in Kulim but do note that those homes would not be within 20km away from the Penang bridge.

Again, no need to mention kopiandproperty.com

No extra discount yeah. Hope you found a landed home which is within your budget. Remember yeah, it’s not the home which makes the people happy. It’s the people who will turn a home into a home sweet home. THIS IS ALSO NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY. If you like, you proceed to buy. That’s all. I also do not own any property in mainland Penang today. Oh yeah, this is Scientex’s website. Take care and stay safe.

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