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Everyone can travel interstate again, soon?

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travel interstate

At the moment, we could not travel interstate without some important reasons. We need to get a stamp from the neighbourhood police station for this. Unfortunately there are so many rumours about people abusing this and travelling for some absurd reasons. F

Now…there’s an expectation that the government will lift interstate travel ban very soon. The prediction is by the Malaysian Rating Corporation (MARC) and the reason to allow everyone to travel interstate is to help the economy. This is what I would call as making economic sense. 🙂 That news as per article in themalaysianreserve.com below.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com MALAYSIAN Rating Corporation (MARC) said, “We believe that the government will soon lift the ban on interstate travel soon. As the virus has already infiltrated the community, we think a stronger enforcement of SOPs rather than the imposition of harsh mobility restrictions is a more appropriate policy response. This is because it will minimise further economic scarring.”

As for 2021 economic growth, MARC’s forecast is 5.6 percent. This is lower than Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)’s prediction of between 6 – 7.5 percent. It said this about its prediction, “Contrasting with BNM’s optimistic GDP forecast, MARC’s forecast comes in lower at 5.6%. We believe that the current rebound will not take GDP back to pre- Covid- 19 levels by mid-2021.” Please do read the article in full here: Article in themalaysianreserve.com

Yes, interstate travel will help the economy

Without any doubt, many needed to take a break, needed a holiday from having the same scene again and again for many months. Penang… Langkawi… even Cherating or many other islands may become suddenly busy as soon as interstate travel ban is lifted. Let’s not even talk about nearby to KL places such as Melaka. That would definitely be busy and jam on highways is quite definite too. (May include me…)

Yes, we MUST continue to be wary of the potential spike

Please remember that we just need a few big clusters and suddenly the number of cases will spike again. This is why we need to stop the nonsense that, ‘it’s safer now’ and instead always continue to be vigilant. Social distancing is a must, face mask is compulsory and yes, to all those who somehow DID NOT follow all these requirements, then they should be fined! We really do not need more cases. Everyone must play their part and I do mean everyone.

Thank you for doing your part and all the best to our economy in 2021.

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