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“You complete me.” Sungai Buloh and Putrajaya lines say to Circle Line a.k.a MRT Line 3

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high speed rail without singapore

MRT Line 2 or Putrajaya Line is progressing well. MRT Line 3 a.k.a Circle Line will start second half of 2021!

I love our MRT Lines, all of them. I especially think that MRT Line 3 a.k.a Circle Line is a must. I am happy that the Circle Line will begin construction this second half of 2021. Of course I also hope that everything which has been announced will be delivered and that we would not keep having changes in decisions again and again and again… When it comes to public transport, it is an enabler of economic activities and this is a priority in the budget especially if we are looking at economic catalysts.

Let’s remember that there were once people who were against Petronas Twin Towers as excessive… or even KLIA as too expensive but today the economic catalysts from both have definitely far exceeded the costs of building them. Let’s now look at what the government is saying with regards to the Circle Line.

Article in malaymail.com Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong says that the ministry has given Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRT Corp) three months to update the studies that have been conducted previously on the implementation of the project, to be presented to the cabinet. He said, “In the recent cabinet meeting, the government has agreed to go ahead with the MRT3 Circle Line and MRT Corp was given three months to update the studies which include the cost of this project.”

As for Putrajaya MRT line (MRT Line 2), Wee said the project has reached 97 per cent in construction progress, and is expected to begin operations in August. The final remaining 3 percent is only for testing and commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems as well as trial operations. Meanwhile the second phase of Putrajaya Line from Kampung Batu to Putrajaya will start operations in January 2023. The full Article in malaymail.com

Proposed MRT3 Line

Image source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2018/06/375419/mrt-ceo-mrt3-project-should-be-carried-out-future-close-loop

Future changes should not delay MRT Line 3 again

The situation seems fluid and everyday we have the never-ending political news. Whoever wins (whether this year or next year or in 2023), please understand that these MRT Lines work TOGETHER and therefore, the focus should be on how to make it work very well. Stay focused. Surely we have many good people who can ensure that happens.

Already we have delayed and now have even stopped the High Speed Rail (HSR) and some reasons were given why it could not happen currently but if you ask me again, I would still think HSR is needed. Unfortunately for Malaysia, this has been shelved and we have yet to hear of the latest update to what would happen next.

Well, for now at least I could go and take the Circle Line in August 2021. See some of you on the train yeah.

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