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Interstate travel is allowed between RMCO states (cannot drive your own car)

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Interstate travel is allowed… BUT not for all states and certainly not for everyone yeah. I think the latest announcement about interstate travel is acceptable lah. It’s only between RMCO states and we CANNOT drive our own car for this travel. We need to engage tour agencies who has to get approvals from the police to do so. Well, at least this is one of the ways for those who need to do some revenge travel.

By the way, Selangor is still under CMCO, so we are NOT allowed to go for holiday, regardless of whether we drive our own car or someone else is driving. As for when would our CMCO turn into RMCO, I think the next date we need to wait for any new change would be 18th March. That’s next week Thursday. Not that long yeah, wait please. As for that announcement about RMCO to RMCO interstate travel, do refer to the media report as per below.

interstate travel is allowed
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Article in thestar.com.my. Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that from March 10, targeted bubble travel between states under the recovery movement control order will be allowed. He said, “Travel for tourism purposes using private vehicles is not allowed. This is because police will have a difficult time to monitor movements compared to using transport provided by tour companies.”

Basically, even though travelling from one recovery MCO destination to another via a conditional MCO state is allowed, the tour transport operators are not to stop in between destinations. For the full article, do refer here: Article in thestar.com.my

Go… go for your holidays.

Would I travel between RMCO states if I am allowed to? Yes. Would my wife pester me to travel between RMCO states? Yes!!! So, I am waiting for the day to come. There’s a school holiday end of March. I think this is a golden week for tourism players. Nevertheless, I am all for safety first. Let’s not derail the current recovery in terms of much lower active cases versus just 14 days ago, much lower new cases versus recovery cases versus 10 days ago and basically, the COVID-19 vaccination has just started.

Immunity will support economy

We are nowhere near immunity and only with immunity that we could support the economy yeah. Here’s that earlier article: Full recovery only in 2024 with vaccinations Happy understanding also that vaccinations are necessary and to protect our loved ones, we must protect ourself first. Please do register and go and get vaccinated. Register now for the vaccination. Thank you.

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