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Penang property choices? Whether landed or high-rise, plenty of choices to choose from.

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I know that many kopiandproperty.com readers are from Penang or have high interest with the Penang property market. Let’s look at some of the potential viewings which we could do during the weekends. Of course, also depends on the MCO situation yeah. Thanks to my good friend, Kevin Low of Rahim & Co, we have these easy to refer images of the potential choices in the Penang property market.

Landed Homes are always popular

Prices range from just RM329,000 for Bertam Lakeview in Bertam a 1-storey terrace which is due to be completed in 2022 (means started some time back) all the way to starting prices of RM1.9 million for a bungalow in Brydon @ Eco Horizon in Batu Kawan which will be completed in 2024. (Means just starting now).

It’s not surprising that nearly all of these landed properties are in the mainland part of Penang yeah. This is because of the price. For those who ONLY want landed homes within the island, there’s the Tierra Residences in Bayan Baru which is a 3-storey terrace and priced from RM1.18 million onwards. Just note that the typical reason for 3-storey is also because of the land size. Building up versus wider saves space and the price could also be lowered too.

penang properties

High-Rise will be prominent moving into the future

Here, we would have more choices whether within the island or the mainland of Penang. Prices also start from the affordable category; RM316,000 for 1 City Residences in Juru (mainland Penang) and this will be completed in 2023 and all the way to RM778,000 for a condominium called Queens Water in Bayan Bay. (within Penang island).

If we look on an overview basis, high-rise units may just be the only way Penangites who must stay within the island to stay within the island. (Yes, there’s always that debate between the islanders and the mainlanders on whose food is better too. This is despite both being known as Penangites and both are Penang food)

Happy evaluating based on your needs and wants and of course how much we could really afford. As someone with properties in Penang, all I can say is that Penang remains a very small state and once we are back to normal, Penang will be jammed again during holidays and weekends with tourists from all over Malaysia and when flights resume, foreign tourists as well. This is good for the state’s economic growth. We just have to ride this out first starting with COVID-19 vaccinations.

The full report by Rahim & Co can be downloaded here.

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