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Ipoh property market. Not as exciting as the 4 usual ones but holding well.

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Ever thought of Ipoh property market?

I was born in Teluk Intan. So, I am a Teluk Intan boy. I studied in St. Anthony in Teluk Intan. My parents still own the property we stayed in. I do like that property as it has so many memories. Of course, I do not think I could recognise it today as I have not been inside for at least 33 years. Then, I moved to Ipoh when I was 10 years old, so I tell everyone my hometown is Ipoh. I studied in La Salle, then Seri Putera and then Anderson School. If any of these schools matched yours, hey we were schoolmates before!

At the moment, I do not own any property in Ipoh. I just need to go back and stay at my parents’ place. Are there potential choices in the future, that’s always a possibility. For now, let’s just look at the property market on an overall basis? Maybe we look at the property price trend? In one word, positive. Take a look at the image. That line basically is moving upwards and it’s on a stable trajectory. Generally, if you own a property in 2016, by 2020, you would have enjoyed capital appreciation.

Ipoh Property market

What’s upcoming?

Since you know the property prices do increase in Ipoh, even if it’s a slow process, what are some of the upcoming properties which you could view and perhaps ask more questions about? Well, it’s not a surprise, most of the new properties are landed ones. Ipohans are not great fans for high-rise. Most are 2-storey because there is no need to maximise the space by building three storeys and reducing the width. Prices start from just RM291,000! Haha. KLites must be wondering if the developers there are all losing money…

As for the condominium, there’s even one overlooking my school. Haha. It’s 1,030 sq ft and it starts from RM232,000. The name? Of course, it has to be called Anderson Condo.

How’s Ipoh as a property market?

It’s a great place to stay, definitely. One has everything one needs and more. Ipoh is also in the middle of Penang (1.5 hours by car) and Kuala Lumpur (2 hours by car) too. It has a small airport too. During holidays, you would be looking at traffic jams yeah. Ipoh is really that popular as well. So, Ipoh is a nice place. Oh yeah, Ipoh as a property market? If we do understand that Malaysia is becoming an ageing nation, then we should realise again, Ipoh is in the middle of both Penang and Kuala Lumpur yeah. It’s also connected to both via the ETS too.

Happy dropping by for great food as well beyond just to view properties.

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