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RTS JB-SG best station design awarded to “Integration of Two”

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I like Rapid Transit System (RTS JB-SG). I have no properties in JB / Iskandar as yet but I do believe there are opportunities. Of course, cannot just buy with 360 videos lah. Must drive there, have a few cups of coffee with a few good friends and then understand a bit and then only start due diligence of some units. Yes, I personally do think JB / Iskandar is worth investing, especially with the RST JB – SG which I would hope will be on time if not earlier than what was scheduled. We can lah, if we really wanted it to be. Just a question of intent and focus.

Now, the design has been finalised I think?

Article in straitstimes.com Johorean architect Chin Yee Chong bagged RM250,000 (S$82,241) in prize money in the Facade Design Ideas Competition with his design – the “Integration of Two” – signifies Johor and Singapore’s relationship and history.

Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRT Corp) chief executive officer Mohd Zarif Hashim saidthis about the design. “It is very modern and futuristic. It will be a design all of us will be proud of… An iconic landmark in Johor once it’s completed. The four-storey building will be used to co-locate the Immigration, Customs and Quarantine (CIQ). It will be part of a transit-oriented development in the future.” Please do read the full article for more details. Article in straitstimes.com

Image shows the design. Looks modern, really.

Image source: https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/malaysia-announces-winning-design-for-johor-spore-rts-link-station

This RTS Link has a length of 4km of which 2.7km is in Malaysia and 1.3km in Singapore. It will link JB’s Bukit Chagar station to Singapore’s Woodlands North MRT station. It could carry up to 10,000 passengers per hour in each direction. (I am sure if they add the number of cars, it could carry more? 10,000 is still a very small number to me) It is now expected to complete in December 2026 after many delays. Let’s hope this time it will continue until completion and NO MORE further delays regardless of the government of the day. Happy anticipating.

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