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3rd MOST number of sugar daddies in Asia?

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This is an article about sugar daddies. There are close to 50 countries in ASIA, including Malaysia. All these countries including ours are ranked versus one another in many aspects of interest. The usual ones would be on economy, on trade growth, on population, on COVID-19 numbers and more. Someone sent me this latest ranking and it’s for SUGAR DADDIES.

sugar daddies
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The definition of sugar daddy according to Oxford is:

sugar daddy noun INFORMAL

  1. a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favours.

Haha. It says rich older man, so as a country which is NOT yet an ageing nation, we should have less of them? Guess what, Malaysia is top 3 in the whole of ASIA. Okay, do not question the survey results. Just accept it as it is. Read on for some details:

Article in malaymail.com. Malaysia is home to 42,500 sugar daddies! The highest is India with a whopping 338,000 sugar daddies. (Based on ratio to population, I think they are not that high. Malaysia is higher…) Meanwhile Indonesia beat us with 60,250 sugar daddies. This is as per world’s largest sugar dating site, Seeking Arrangement.

The dating firm said in a statement that countries with high-tertiary education penetration rates were proven to be more vulnerable to this trend. 4th place is Japan (32,500), Hong Kong (28,600), Taiwan (27,300), Vietnam (12,000), South Korea (7,000), Sri Lanka (5,000) and Cambodia (3,500). More details refer to the site: Article in malaymail.com

Demand and Supply… right?

When we have that many sugar daddies, of course we would need an equal or a larger number of supply for these demand. Actually, I do know of at least one person who belong to the supply side. Of course, I have no idea who her sugar daddy is but she has a good lifestyle without the need for a full-time employment. Drives a pretty decent car (not luxury type) and sports many branded handbags too. No idea if this could be said to be a form of job too. The issue with these sugar daddies is that they may not be loyal to the same person for a very long time.

Financial management remains key

Just as one would have to retire and income may stop in some point in time, there would also be a time when these sugar daddies may be too old to continue this lifestyle. There would also be time when these ladies may no longer be in demand and the income may also stop. This is why it is prudent to have some savings and continue to read more, understand more and invest those savings. Spending all the money would be a foolish decision. Remember, a fool and his money soon parted.

Nope, I am not proud at all with this ranking yeah. Thanks for reading and try not to add to the numbers yeah.

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