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COVID-19 cases showing a reducing trend

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the COVID-19 cases are showing a reducing trend. This is a good news even if it may be too early or it may be a false alarm or it may be just another news. Just take the news as positive news okay? Just too many people sharing just the bad news and when there’s some neutral or good news, no one ever shares them. It’s like they are allergic to good news? Or… they wanted all these bad news so that it fits their motives? Get more attention… sell more of a certain products… and whatever other reasons.

covid-19 cases
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Article in edgeprop.my. World Health Organisation (WHO) in a statement said, “For the fourth week in a row, the number of global new cases reported fell, with 3.1 million new cases last week, a 17 per cent decline compared to the previous week”

“This is the lowest figure since the week of 26 October (15 weeks ago).”

“The number of new deaths reported also fell for a second week in a row, with 88,000 new deaths reported last week, a 10 per cent decline as compared to the previous week. All WHO regions reported a decline in new cases, with five out of six regions reporting more than 10 per cent decreases.” Do read the full article here: Article in edgeprop.my

Sentiment is everything

There are reasons to cheer and of course there are reasons to fear. This affects the sentiment. The reasons to cheer would be that the numbers are reducing. Let’s hope by the time this is published, our Malaysian numbers would continue to show a reducing trend too. The reasons to fear is for the cases to start increasing again like how it did here in Malaysia just after the Sabah election which everyone is blaming everyone for causing it to happen.

Well, the General Election better not happen so that no one needs to blame anyone that made it happen. As long as things start to get better, people will have a chance to spend and jobs have a chance to grow. Sentiment, a positive one helps tremendously. If we just like to do a part, continue to share positive news. Not fake news okay, just real news but good news. As for the negative news, do we think no one would share? Let them share… I will do my small part. Thank you all.

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