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How many of these largest cities have you visited?

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aerial view of ny on a smoggy day

How many of the largest cities in the world which you have visited? There are 20 in the list below. I have only visited 3 of the below.

Have you dropped by visualcapitalist.com lately? (Nope, they did not pay any single cent to kopiandproperty for this mention) I am a subscriber to their contents and on many occasions, i would receive interesting visuals. Okay, sometimes, the info presented was not something I have interest in but if we are curious about everything around the world, this is a good place to start.

Recently, it was the Predictions for 2021 (click here to read) and now, they are showing to all of us the world’s 20 largest cities by population size. The biggest one in this list of 20 largest cities by population actually have 30% of its population staying in just that city! We are talking about Japan with about 126 million population and 37 million of them stay in Tokyo! I have been to Tokyo three times and I do think I want to go again.

There’s still a lot to explore plus the fact that from Tokyo, we can reach all the other nice cities via bullet train too. Ramen is superb and people are polite and within Tokyo, generally the places we go, they understand simple English too.

largest cities
Source: visualcapitalist.com

All other major cities

Delhi is second followed by Shanghai in 3rd in terms of population. All these top three cities are in Asia. We move on to Sao Paulo in Brazil followed by Mexico City in Mexico and Dhaka in Bangladesh. Out of these three, we have another one in Asia. 7th would be Cairo the capital city of Egypt, followed by Beijing and Mumbai. Within these three, we have another 2 cities within Asia.

The 10th is Osaka, followed by New York and Karachi. Yes, from these three cities with the.highest population in the world, two of them are in Asia. The 13th is Chongqing, followed by Istanbul in Turkey and Buenos Aires in Argentina. Next, we have the remaining final 5 cities within the top 20 and they are Calcutta, Lagos in Nigeria, Kinshasa in Republic of Congo, Manila and Tianjin. Within these 20 cities with the largest population in the world, 12 of them are within Asia.


Yes, I do think Asia is full of potential, just a matter of how could Asia become a little more like a grouping like the other economic groupings. There is no need for a formalised one where countries could not decide for themselves. Just need more integration and cooperation. I also think both China and India has a huge role to play in this. The term Dynamic Duo is a better term versus going it alone. Happy looking for opportunities.

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