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Want to save RM2,664 per year and still drink good coffee? Read on.

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cup of coffee on wooden table

Want to save RM2,664 like me and still get to drink good coffee? Read on. Want to read about property investment? Choose another article yeah. Click here for it. Happy coffeeing.

My latte consumption per year

Every year, I can estimate that I would drop by a cafe for a latte twice per week. You have to expect that because even this site is called kopiandproperty. That’s roughly 104 cups per year. If we use RM15 per cup of latte, that meant that I would have spent RM1,560 every year. (Enough for a local trip for a family of 4. Oops, must not let my wife see this. Haha.) What about you? Are you some who needs to drink latte in a good environment? How many cups of latte / Americano you drink every year?

How much per year then?

Perhaps it’s one per week on average? That’s 52 x RM15 = RM780 per year. Well, usually when you are in that cafe, you also ordered cakes… Anyway, from March 2020 until October 2020. Roughly 7 months, my personal barista and his wife and myself finished all these arabica beans you see in the image below. Every pack is 250gm and a few of them are 500gm packs.

drink good coffee

How much beans for a cup?

Usually, one cup of Americano coffee (120 ml) or if you mix in the mix, the coffee bean required is around 12gm. So, one pack of 250gm is enough for probably 20 cups of freshly brewed coffee. Image shows 22 bags. That’s 22 x 250 gm = 5.5kg A few packs were 500gm packs, so probably in total it should be like 7kg. This is enough for: 7kg divided by 12gm = 583 cups of coffee. 583 cups divided by 3 drinkers = 174 cups per person. 7 months is 210 days. Roughly nearly 1 cup per drinker per day.

How much savings then?

Not local robusta coffee beans yeah, these are all Arabica beans and typical price is RM35 per 250gm and some like the Geisha beans can be RM50 per 250gm. We assume average price of RM40 per 250gm. RM40 divided by 20 cups = RM2 per cup. How much do we pay for an Americano in the cafe? Probably RM10? That’s a saving of RM8 per cup. We had 583 cups. That’s 583 x RM8 savings per cup or a total savings of RM4,664 just within these 7 months alone! This is RM1,554 per person. Divided by 7 = RM222 savings per month! WOW. (RM2,664 per year!)

Okay, that’s not the full story

We did not count the manpower cost (my friend, the barista), electricity cost, water cost (washing the cups etc), the MACHINE itself (over a thousand ringgit) and also the fact that I have to drive over to his home to get my coffee. However, beyond just the thousands we saved together, I guess we have also increased our conversations about coffee. It has also increased our knowledge about coffee too.

Lots of new knowledge too

We also learnt that generally these sellers really do sell what they said they were selling. Most of the time, the beans were bought via SHOPEE. (i do not gain a single cent when you click this link) We even did blind test for two different vendors selling the same beans. We also learnt different amount of milk, brand of milk makes a difference too. We also learnt that coffee beans from BRANDED cafes do not necessary mean it’s the best…


Beyond saving money, I have gained a lot of new knowledge. My barista friend who used to think of coffee as just coffee has also learnt a lot too. We learnt that there’s a huge difference bwteen dark roast and light roast. We learnt that quality of beans really do differ and prices really do have some bearings too. To do what I do? Find a good friend who loves the feeling of making a cup of good coffee.

Of course, if you ask me if I prefer to drink latte alone at home or have a conversation with some of my property industry friends, the answer is a firm, ‘let’s meet up.’ Coffee in cafes is NOT because of savings. I have never compared two different cafes and go into the cafe where the coffee is cheaper thus far. So, this is my MCO coffee story.

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