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Unemployment Malaysia: So many people out of job, would this crash the economy?

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Unemployment Malaysia numbers, after 4 months of downtrend has gone up slightly. This is a good indicator of whether it’s easy to find jobs or not. Truth is jobs are still aplenty but the requirements may not be easy for everybody. For a list of all jobs, here’s JobStreet.com Malaysia. Just need to start searching and applying.

Meanwhile, Department of Statistics Malaysia’s latest available number for unemployment Malaysia as per image below.

unemployment Malaysia

Would this unemployment Malaysia number crash the economy

As for that question of whether this number would collapse the economy, the answer is no. The economy of Malaysia would have to depend on the ones who have a job and could spend money. This would be the slightly over 95% of all the employed Malaysians. The ones who earn more could spend more and the ones who earn less could spend less. There’s also that group who earns whatever and spends more than what they earn. Earlier article here.

How could we help?

Smaller shops may need more help. They may be overlooked. Stalls may need more help versus franchise chains. These stalls do not get enough visibility. Products made in Malaysia would need more help. Exporting to other countries are tougher these days. Sustaining them would do wonders for the people they employ who could then also contribute back to the economy. Multiplier effects to the economy actually starts from us. Let’s do something about it.

Happy understanding.

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