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Press Release: Low Yat Group picks homegrown supermarket chain Star Grocer as retail partner

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bandar tasik puteri

Poised to serve approximately 100,000 Bandar Tasik Puteri residents by 2030                                                       

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 December 2020 – Low Yat Group (LYG) has today picked homegrown supermarket chain, Star Grocer to be its retail partner for its Bandar Tasik Puteri urban development in Rawang, Selangor.

The Star Grocer supermarket, with retail size of 55,000 square feet, will be located at Paradise Fair, the lifestyle hub of Bandar Tasik Puteri’s urban development.  With Star Grocer as its anchor tenant, LYG is now poised to serve an approximately 100,000 Bandar Tasik Puteri residents by the year 2030.

low yat group

Spanning across 8.06 acres of prime commercial land, Paradise Fair is the first ever lifestyle-themed retail centre in Rawang. This 2-storey, street-level lifestyle retail hub will consist a supermarket, fast-food drive-thru restaurants and carry various local and foreign retail labels and brands. Paradise Fair has also been architecturally designed to ensure every retail lot is easily visible and accessible to customers.

“As a local business player ourselves, Low Yat Group is committed to collaborate with local businesses and grow together with them in the current challenging business environment. From a synergistic view point, we find Star Grocer the perfect fit.

“The residents of BTP and occupants of Paradise Fair, will need a place to shop for their grocery needs. We are confident Star Grocer is able to provide the convenience, affordability, quality service and easy access to daily necessities to our discerning residents,” said Mr. Andrew Goh, General Manager, Area Property – Development/Management, Low Yat Group.

Andrew added that the confidence stems from the fact that although Star Grocer opened its first supermarket at Desa Pandan, Ampang only in 2016, it has since grown exponentially and within a short time frame of four years, it has today, six outlets to its credit. Moreover, all of Star Grocer’s outlets are located in various urban development locations in Klang Valley, befitting the positioning LYG has for Bandar Tasik Puteri.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fabian Tan, Director of Star Grocer revealed that the company will be investing RM7 million for the initial set up of the retail store which is slated to be opened in the year 2022.

“BTP is tucked within a prime north Klang Valley township and has already hit 60,000 residents in year 2019. Such a rapid occupancy rate is what attracted us to Bandar Tasik Puteri where there is an apparent lack of supermarkets to provide daily necessity and services to the nearby residents.  We certainly foresee a high growth potential here,” added Fabian.

Low Yap Group is expecting continuous foot fall traffic of approximately 12,000 to 15,000 per month into Paradise Fair hub due to the strategic location of Bandar Tasik Puteri.

— end of press release —

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