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Do not miss this. Annual Tax Symposium – Greater Together

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annual tax symposium

Dear kopiandproperty.com readers, this is a public announcement. This is definitely an event of lots of learning and I personally know many of the speakers and they are GOOD! This is the Annual Tax Symposium and it’s themed, “Stand United, We Shall Prevail.”

Message from event organiser:

With the recent tabling of the Malaysia Budget 2021, which is themed “Stand United, We Shall Prevail”, it has echoes the objective of our Annual Tax Symposium to gather strength and ideas in order to overcome the challenges arise under the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 pandemic.


Join our group of distinguished panel of professionals, industry experts and government representatives in the Roundtable Discussions focus on the Budget evolve around :

1. Rakyat’s (People’s) well-being

2. Business Continuity, and

3. Economic Resilience…

Day 1: Moving Into 2021 with Budget 2021

🔎 Budget 2021 Commentary : The Highlights

🔎 Roundtable Discussion : Budget Impact to SMEs

🔎 Roundtable Discussion : Budget Impact to the Property Sector

Day 2: Roundtable Discussion

🔎 The Latest Tax Landscape and Development in Malaysia

🎁 Admission Fee: Only RM106.00 per pax (inclusive of 6% SST and net proceed will be donated to charity)

🎁 6 CPE Point Claimable for attended MIA Member (Terms and Conditions applied)

🎁 3 CPD Point Claimable for attended MIEA Member (Terms and Conditions applied)


🔖 Syarikat Ong Group of Companies

🔖 PEMANDU Associates Sdn Bhd   

🔖 MM2H Club Hong Kong


🔖 Rosli Dahlan Saravana Partnership

🔖 BT & Associates

🔖 Chew & Associates

🔖 Bizguide Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

🔖 LYH Accounting PLT

🔖 Foo Lee An & Associates


For registration and further information, please click https://bit.ly/36gil3X.

For any enquiry please Whatsapp us https://wa.link/skfhvv


annual tax symposium

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