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Rapid Transit System is REALLY happening officially on 22 Nov.

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Rapid Transit System or also known as RTS JB – SG is really happening. After years of uncertainty and delay, it seems that everything is now on track and in fact construction is said to start within November 2020! If you have been reading kopiandproperty.com you would know that I am a supporter of RTS JB – SG.

More time = more productivity

Why do I support it? The reason is a simple one, statistically. Everyday, 300,000 people moves to and fro Singapore (before COVID-19 pandemic arrived). I personally took a trip to Singapore and back vie the Causeway and I ‘WASTED’ 4 hours in total. From the waiting and queuing to waiting and then queuing again and imagine how much productive time we have wasted everyday. Then, multiply this by just 100,000 people… Will tell you another two important reasons after this.

rapid transit system
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Article in malaymail.com The Johor Baru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) project will be launched on November 22 in conjunction with the birthday of Johori Ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar. Malaysia Rapid Transit System Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) chief executive officer Datuk Mohd Zarif Hashim updated Sultan Ibrahim on the RTS project, following its inclusion in the Budget 2021, which was tabled last Friday.

He was quoted as saying, “During the briefing, we touched on the project’s launch, which will be done on-line, as well as the final designs for the station. We expect to begin work on the site towards the last week of November after the official launch.” The long-awaited RTS project, connecting Bukit Chagar in Johor Baru to Woodlands in Singapore, will see about 10,000 passengers per hour each way to help ease traffic congestion on the Johor Causeway. Do refer to the full article here: Article in malaymail.com

Property market boost

For many of the working people who chose to rent the smallest room in Singapore to save cost because they did not want to leave home at 530am and coming back 930pm, it is now possible to convert that S$700 (RM2,141) per month into monthly mortgage payment and get one condominium unit somewhere along the RTS line instead. After all, travelling to work is now just a RTS ride away.

I know, HDB flats are clean, well maintained and it’s subsidised by the Singaporean government. However, the currency advantage meant that just a RTS ride away, a typical SIngaporean family staying in a HDB flat could now choose to stay in a full facility condominium where the whole family could enjoy swimming in the pool anytime they wanted and could even hold BBQ parties occasionally. It can be like a weekend resort too.

Competitiveness of both countries are upgraded

Many times, when any new foreign multinational company is thinking of having a base in ASEAN, they may want both a headquarter as well as a manufacturing plant (not the low cost type). As a team, Malaysia and Singapore could actually work together to attract that same MNC to Now, consider both at the same time. Now talents from both JB and SG could be available for all these new investments.

Be serious yeah, moving forward, there are a few ASEAN neighbours which will become more and more competitive. Population wise, many are bigger too. We (Malaysia and Singapore) better work together versus working against one another.

Economic Growth for both sides

Let’s also not forget that more links also meant that there would be more economic exchanges too. More Johoreans could visit Singapore as well without the need to fork out S$300 per night for a 4-star hotel. They could do day-trips. This is good for the Singaporean economy as well and it’s definitely not a one-way traffic yeah. We need to also remember that over 90 percent of Singaporeans do not own a car. The RTS is an enabler so that every weekend can be another city visit versus just the same island.

Let’s see more details for Rapid Transit System on the 22nd November and I will write another article. Happy anticipating.

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