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Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery: VR and 3D with full 360° view

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Gamuda Land Virtual Experience Gallery

Press release: Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery launched, first of its kind in Malaysia.

A new initiative by Gamuda Land has seen the launch of its innovative digital gallery called Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery. As the name suggests, this is a gallery built entirely on a virtual reality platform, in 3D format and full 360° view, the first of its kind in Malaysia.  

“Gamuda Land’s Virtual Experiential Gallery is based on carefully thought-through customers’ experience from the moment they enter the virtual gallery. We ensure that the virtual gallery is relevant and complements our physical galleries,” said Gamuda Land CEO, Ngan Chee Meng. 

The Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery officially went live on 23 October 2020. It is web based and can be accessed at www.gamudaland.com.my/vegallery through any mobile devices or computer, without having to download any apps.  

“Our primary goal was to create a space for customers engagement without having to physically be on the project site. Gone are the days when customers have to look at 2D floor plans. Now they can walk in their future home and check out its surrounding environment, before it’s built. Not only can they view our projects in Malaysia, they can also view our overseas project. Akin to our physical galleries, social activities and events will be held virtually from time to time, further heightening our engagement with customers,” said Ngan.  

Ngan said that the development of this virtual gallery comes in timely, especially with the Movement Control Order (MCO) and many people would opt to stay at home more.  

A world of information at your fingertips 

Any visitor to Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery will be treated to a host of features that are vibrant, engaging and refreshing. Far from being just another website with clickable information, the Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery allows visitors to explore the gallery in full 360° and obtain information regarding Gamuda Land’s local or overseas properties on display.  

Combining a mixture of rich, digital content, visitors have access to a host of information to learn about their property of interest. From the moment a visitor enters the virtual gallery, a dedicated Gamuda Land Relationship Associate (RA) will provide a quick guide on how to maximise their experience in the virtual gallery. An RA is placed at each of the township display to highlight their latest property and explain the unique features of the township.  

Gamuda Land Virtual Experience Gallery

One feature that sets the Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery apart from other “virtual” sales galleries is the Video Live Chat function within a 360° virtual environment – also a first in the property industry. Taking the cue from a video conference concept, this feature now allows an RA to answer questions from visitors in real-time, face to face. Not only that, but the platform also allows the RA to give a guided tour of a 360° virtual show unit. The Video Live Chat will be available at all the property or township in the display section. The Video Live Chat is available daily from 10am to 6pm.   

Visitors can also book their preferred property from the virtual gallery, without having to make trips to the physical sales gallery – giving rise to a new level of convenience. For starters, customers can make use of the debt service ratio calculator and obtain a report at the Personalised Ownership Hub section. Next, they can obtain a conditional pre-approved loan by selected banks. With the loan eligibility amount in mind, customers can then choose their preferred unit and pay for the booking online. This process alone makes securing a property so much easier and efficient.  

Gold Investment Account with Successful Purchase 

Buying properties, be it traditionally or virtually has one thing in common – the hunt for the best deals and rewards.  

In conjunction with the launch of the Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery, buyers will be rewarded with a gold investment account worth up to RM9,000 with every successful property purchase made online via this platform. This promotion is valid for a limited period of time only. 

Visitors to the virtual gallery can also explore about GL HOME (Gamuda Land’s Home Ownership Made Easy) customised solutions. There are various packages or solutions to help customers own their desired property.  

Then there is GL Friends – a loyalty programme that gives members discounts on subsequent property purchases, offers from participating retail merchants, and referral rewards. Visitors who are currently not Gamuda Land’s property owners are also eligible for referral rewards when they sign up for GL Acquaint.  

More attractions in the pipeline 

More features and attractions will be added to the virtual gallery in stages.  

This includes live webinars and virtual events, EPF withdrawal applications within the virtual gallery and interactive games. An interesting upcoming feature is the properties for lease within a virtual environment and more convenient tools to enhance user experience. Announcements will be made in due time. The best way to avoid missing out on the notification is to like and follow Gamuda Land’s social media channels – Facebook and Instagram. 

— End of Press Release — 

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