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Save money! My30 unlimited travel pass on MRT, LRT and more.

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It was My100 and My50 (read here for earlier article) but it’s now the My30 unlimited travel pass to travel on MRT, LRT, BRT and more. By the way, this is not just a better way but it’s by far the cheapest way to travel. Plus, the extra walking to and from the station will be a great boost to the heart and body too. If you sweat a lot like me, then try to walk slowly yeah.

Image below shows that with RM30, one gets the My30 UNLIMITED travel pass for 30 days across all rails and Rapid KL buses. This special deal is offered from 15th June until 31st December 2020 which means you could still enjoy this for 3 months. Get it from all the Customer Service counters as well as in selected bus hubs.

My30 unlimited travel pass

If you need to read the official announcement, click here: Here’s that official announcement.

As for the typical FAQs, please do refer below:

What is My30?

RM30 Unlimited Travel Pass for 30 days is for use on all rail (MRT, LRT, Monorail), BRT, Rapid KL buses and MRT feeder buses. Available from 15 June 2020 till 31 December 2020.

Where to buy? You can purchase My30 from the Rapid KL Customer Service Office at:

  • all LRT stations  
  • all MRT stations  
  • all Monorail stations  
  • all BRT stations  

Five bus hubs as listed below:

  • Pasar Seni  
  • Seksyen 2, Shah Alam  
  • Sri Nilam  
  • Greenwood  
  • Terminal Kajang

Just 3 months, okay?

I know, you love to drive because it’s much more convenient. You do not need to talk to any station, just walk to your car. Well, how about just doing this My30 unlimited travel pass for 3 months and save enough for a family holiday within Malaysia? Nope, i am not joking about the savings part. While you cannot run away from your car installment but you could skip the following for three months:

  1. Parking costs – RM8 per day x 22 working days x 3 months = RM528.
  2. Fuel costs – RM8 per day (roughly 60km to and fro including jams) x 30 days x 3 months = RM720
  3. Maintenance costs – RM200 per service (simply give you a number). 3 months = roughly 5,400km which is around the maintenance since regular serviving is typically 5,000 – 7,000km.

What’s that total?

Total savings just for these 3 months? RM1,448. By the way, this is minimum expenditure because you do not drive ONLY to work yeah… You also drive to eat your dinner… and you still have to pay parking too. So, at minimum after 3 months, with this My30 unlimited travel pass, you could save enough for either of the following:

  1. Travel to Langkawi for 2 pax (flights + 4-star hotel + car rental) for a 3-day and 2 nights stay.
  2. Bring a family of 4 to Genting Highlands (2 adults and 2 kids) and let the 2 kids play their hearts out at the Unlimited pass at Skytropolis, stay for 2 nights at Deluxe Room in First World Hotel. You can do this TWO TIMES. Haha.
  3. Buy that new smartphone lah…
  4. Suddenly have RM1,500 to do things you like.

Let’s not even get started on the extra walking which you will have and that extra boost to the heart too. I know, sometimes it will rain and it will be inconvenient. For those days, it’s worth spending some quality time with colleagues over coffee and just talk about everything under the sun worth doing. This may just be the time when you realised your colleague is another good friend at work too. Happy taking this My30 unlimited travel pass and have nearly unlimited number of good things which you could do with the savings.

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