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Digital marketing? Here’s that awesome 60 seconds online happenings.

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digital marketing

This afternoon, I saw a super huge billboard along the road I was driving (don’t want to tell you where) and the advertisement was about a FB expert. Yeah, he is selling his FB digital marketing services and he is telling everyone who sees the billboard that he’s the expert. So, the digital marketing world is also now in the offline world too.

The below image from visualcapitalist is a super amazing one because it tells us what’s happening on the internet every 60 seconds. For those who are as ‘mature’ as me, you may note that even connecting online with that special internet modem sound would actually take more than 60 seconds. Haha… Now, the below are all the things which are already happening every 60 seconds.

digital marketing

Some of the items, we are not that familiar but let’s run through some of the familiar ones shall we? In 60 seconds, these happened:

#1 – Zoom hosts over 200,000 participants in meetings…

#2 – Instagram had users posting 347,222 stories…

#3 0 YouTube has users uploading 500 hours of videos. (WOW!)

#4 – Consumers have just spent US$1 million online…

#5 – Facebook users shared 150,000 messages!

#6 – Amazon ships 6,659 packages (amazing…)

#7 – Nearly 1.4 million people made video calls!

#8 – Whatsapp? Over 41 million messages were sent through Whatsapp.

For the rest, do click the image to read yeah. By the way, with the ever faster internet speed and the fact that more and more people are depending on online nearly all the time, it will get even more interesting when visualcapitalist were to show us this same themed image again just 2 years later. I do wonder how many of the things in the image today will still be around in the image 2 years later.

Yes, I do believe digital marketing is here to stay. I do believe that digital marketers would have lots of jobs to be done today and in the near future. The only issue may just be how to stand out from everyone else since everyone would now be attracted to become a digital marketing expert too. Are you thinking of becoming one as well? Well, there are many of these digital marketing courses online too. Happy moving in strongly.

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