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Same rules for hotels and AirBnB by end 2020. Happy news for both?

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ibis hotel

I think the hotels love to have the same rules for hotels and AirBnB. They felt disadvantaged. I also think competition should be a fair one whether or not AirBnB is considered to be helping home owners to get some income for their homes or in some instances, getting even more income versus long-term rental.

For many months, whether it’s the hotels or the AirBnB operators, both were suffering because no one could travel. So, would the same rules for hotels and AirbnB become a reality then? According to Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin, we should expect this to happen by the end of the year. Yes, I believe she meant 2020.

same rules for hotels and AirBnB

Article in freemalaysiatoday.com By end of 2020, the standardisation of several issues, including regulations, licensing and taxes involving the hotel sector and global online accommodation service provider Airbnb, will be finalised.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said, “The matter is still under discussion as to how we want to classify Airbnb and it takes into account the agreement to allow private homes to be involved in the sector as well as discussions with the management bodies in housing estates.”

The issue will involve working together with the housing and local government ministry together with the tourism, arts and culture ministry, the state government and the Malaysian Productivity Corporation. Please do refer to the full article here:Article in freemalaysiatoday.com

In my last trip to Melaka, I booked an AirBnB condo with super nice facilities. My kids love the facilities. I do not really like the condo BECAUSE in the whole corridor of 16 units, only one unit was occupied and it was my unit. Yes, of course it should be safe enough since there were security downstairs and we need access card to enter BUT whole corridor of 16 units and only one was occupied? Haha.

In my trip this time, I booked a hotel. The image above showed me enjoying by the pool side as my kids were enjoying their pool time. Yes, I think this hotel is pretty good for family with kids. It’s IBIS Melaka and it’s a 4-star rated city hotel. A year ago, I booked Novotel Melaka but this time it was fully booked. So, you can see that I support both hotels and AirBnB too. I do hope both continue to compete so that we the consumers get the best deal too. The same rules for hotels and AirBnB is thus a must in my opinion. What about you? Which one would you book most of the time? Why?

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