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the KopiTalk #16: All the nightmares in renting out your home and the legal solutions

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We have a home of a few hundred thousand and we are renting it out to earn rental income. Usually this amount is likely to be small. Yet, we have the potential to face unforeseen circumstances from the tenants. It may be a small one like the need to replace an air-conditioner unit which has been used for the last 10 years to a big one which may just be the tenant refusing to pay rentals on time! Please do not take matters into our own hands because it may be a wrong move!

Okay, do we have legal solutions to the nightmares in renting out our homes? I believe our guest-of-honour Mr. Alfred Chong will be able to help provide sound advice, legals ones too. I have known Alfred for some years and I see him as a down-to-earth guy who is always passionate when it comes to legal stuffs. I think this is why he is now highly sought after for high profile cases too. Please refer to the image for your view yeah.

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About our guest-of-honour

ALFRED CHONG YEE LIM LLB (Hons) UWE, Bristol CLP (Malaysia). Alfred Chong started his legal career as a part time legal clerk in a law firm when he was 18 years old and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of West of England, Bristol in the United Kingdom in 2010.

Alfred Chong obtained his Certificate of Legal Practice in 2015 and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2017 after completing his chambering in Messrs Shu Yin, Teh & Taing. While chambering, he attended to conveyancing matters including developer’s project, loans and subsale.

Alfred Chong started his own firm, Messrs A. Chong & Co. in 2017 and his areas of practice includes general civil litigation matters involving land disputes and corporate matters, conveyancing matters involving subsale, factories, estate property and corporation, criminal matters, probate and administration of estate, family law and trust, auction and bankruptcy proceedings, debt recovery and assets acquisition and disposal, assets transfer and dispute resolution involving assets.

In addition, Alfred Chong is passionate about sharing and adding value to the public on the legal aspects of property transactions, strata title and properties investment. Alfred Chong was very active as a speaker having previously spoken at the 7th Malaysia Land Conference 2020 and at different venues including at MRCB, 9 Seputeh Gallery and road shows for StarProperty.my and Iproperty.com. Alfred Chong has also previously written articles for Starproperty.my and property blog, Kopi and Property. Alfred Chong has also previously shared his thoughts live at Star Property Ask-Me-Anything series.

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