Renting is better than buying? Which is going up faster in Malaysia?

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Are you currently renting the place you stay (and making the owner a happy man) or are you currently paying monthly mortgages (maybe making yourself suffering) for it? Well, when I started my first job after my degree, I rented for a full 4 years before actually buying a place jointly with my girlfriend who later upgraded her status to become wife and today is a housewife taking care of my two mischievous kids. My owner got the following rental from me.

RM550 per month x 12 months x 4 years = RM26,400. At the time, I bought a second-hand fridge for RM400 and when i moved out, I sold it to the owner for RM200. 😛 Well, those were the days. I guess it’s okay because the owner was a very friendly couple. We were good tenants too, kept the place clean enough and hey, that rented home was where I proposed to my wife! However, we still need to understand that RM26,400 is not a small amount and at the time (2002), this amount is already 20% downpayment for the apartment of RM123,000…

What about other Malaysian households then? I think we are on the right track. Between 2016 to 2019, the number of households staying in quarters have reduced from 4.1% to 3.3%. Households purchasing a home for own stay increased from 76.3% to 76.9%. This shows that many have stable income and is able to proceed to actually start paying for a home. Households who are renting has also increased slightly from 19.6% to 19.8%. Perhaps some got married and needed to move out of the quarters but may not yet have down payment to buy their own home yet.

Image: https://www.dosm.gov.my/

Below shows the current overview of stats for Malaysians in general. We have reached nearly 33 million and we have 8.2 million households. Urbanisation is at 76.7% and as the country continues to move towards a developed nation, this number will continue to increase. This explains why some cities are deserted during holidays and some small towns are deserted on most days except holidays. Just need to understand that this is also why the demand for properties in bigger cities would continue to increase. Developers just have to build the right properties yeah.

Image source: https://www.mycensus.gov.my/

Happy learning and continue to get updated. Every time I write, I am also updating myself too.

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