Income tax waivers for ratepayers and companies? Already proposed.

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Anyone here loves to pax tax? Well, I do like to pay ever higher tax because it also meant that I earn more and more year after year. What about this question then? Do you want income tax waivers? Means whatever tax you are supposed to pay, you pay much lower for one year? Wrong question, right? Everyone’s answer would be a yes. Even for companies, they would love this tax waiver too.

Recently, we also have this question, ‘Would you like the moratorium to be extended another 6 months?” I do not know if anyone would object but moratorium is NOT going to be extended for all yeah. I mean Bank Negara Malaysia will not order the banks to do so anymore. However, our Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul said, Banks could extend if they wanted to, selectively. As for income tax waiver, well, it has just been proposed by the National Housebuyers’ Association of Malaysia.

Article in nst.com.my here. The National Housebuyers’ Association’s honorary secretary-general Datuk Chang Kim Loong said the government should consider wholesome waivers or at the least offer 50 per cent rebates on personal and corporate income tax for the first RM100,000 of chargeable income in the next two years. (He meant for 2020 and 2021 years of assessments)

He explained further that this is needed because the current stamp duty waivers would only, “entice buyers of high-end overhang unsold residential property, benefiting a meagre segment of society in an attempt to revive the economy”. He also did a calculation on how the tax exemption would impact the loss in revenue collection and according to his calculation it would only amount to loss of revenue of about 6.7% and this is manageable because money saved would be injected back into the local economy. He gave many more recommendations, do read the full article here: Article in nst.com.my here.

By the way, he is right about the money flowing back into the economy. This is because if the tax exemptions were given to the super rich, it would not make such a huge difference to economic activities. However, if given to the right group, the savings would actually be spent on necessary and this will help drive the economic multiplier. Of course, if too much money chasing too few goods, then inflation will rise but I think this is the least of our worries if we look at the unemployment as well as the potential GDP numbers fo 2020 which is most likely will be in the red; negative.

Perhaps the only thing is that we really do need to start being more selective because it’s important to help the ones needed. This is because the loss of revenue would also meant that the government may have less to spend for the groups which needed more assistance. Let’s see how the government would respond to Datuk Chang yeah. I should think it will not take too long because the media would definitely ask our Finance Minister in his next press conference. Happy anticipating.

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