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IJM Land : ‘Now You Can’ Campaign helps home ownership

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Press Release: IJM Land : ‘Now You Can’ Campaign Lifts Homebuying Woes

In a bid to instill customer confidence and provide them with an opportunity to own a home of their dreams with ease, IJM Land Berhad (“IJM Land”) has introduced a flexible ownership campaign called ‘ Now You Can ’ for prospective homebuyers during this backdrop of a challenging financing landscape arising from the COVID-19 situation. 

IJM Land truly understands the concerns and uncertainty faced by homebuyers. ‘ Now You Can ‘ which runs from now to 31st October 2020, is their own way of alleviating customers’ financial burdens while also helping them own their dream homes and supporting their investments. 

Commenting on IJM Land’s ‘ Now You Can ‘ home ownership campaign, IJM Land Managing Director Mr. Edward Chong said, “We are excited to launch our ‘ Now You Can ‘ campaign to provide assurance to aspiring homebuyers and educate them about the prospects of investing in a home during these challenging times, including low interest rates, an ideal savings plan and high rewards. This gives buyers’ confidence that the risk of entry is low. There’s always a window of opportunity in every crisis, and if there’s a takeaway to learn from this year, it would be the importance of having your own savings and investment to safeguard your future.” 

IJM Land recognizes that every customer is unique. With the campaign, IJM Land takes the initiative a step further and develops customized plans and solutions to suit individual needs and requirements. Financial coverage is also provided in the event of a loss of employment or salary reduction – this is their sincere bid to help more people own their piece of the Malaysian dream in this unprecedented period. 

Their primary focus is to ensure that their property solutions are more inclusive and considerate towards the needs of financially-restricted first-time homebuyers as well as those who are challenged by the tightening financial lending requirements. 

“We understand that different buyers have different needs and situations; hence one size does not fit all. Therefore, in order to make our homes more affordable to the masses and help more Malaysians turn their dream home into reality as well as addressing the prevalent market challenges, we introduce a host of innovative ownership plans for our customers to make the journey of owning their dream home a simple and smooth process,” added Mr. Edward. 

A wide range of IJM Land top notch property projects covering different property types and a range of unit sizes, from new launches, ready to move in condominiums and landed homes are made available to cater to homebuyers from multi-generational families to singles and couples. Most of IJM Land properties nationwide are situated in convenient and strategic locations in close proximity to major highways and transport hubs within key growth areas. This allows easy access to the surrounding communities and facilities. 

Participating townships include Pantai Sentral Park in Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Rimbayu, Shah Alam 2 – Alam Suria Enclave and Seremban 2. Other projects include properties across the country such as Riana Dutamas in Kuala Lumpur, Permatang Sanctuary in Bukit Mertajam, Trehaus and The Light Waterfront in Penang, Bandar Utama in Sandakan, Kuching Riverine Resort in Kuching as well as Nasa City, Austin Duta and Sebana Cove in Johor Bahru. 

Homebuyers should take advantage of the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2020 which takes effect from now until 31 May 2021 as they will get to enjoy the limited period benefits and savings offered by the campaign. In conjunction with HOC 2020, homebuyers are entitled to attractive deals on a variety of IJM Land properties, including special rebates, home furnishing package, zero interest payment plans, move-in deals, free loan legal fees, plus HOC benefits of stamp duty exemption on MOT up to RM1mil and stamp duty on loan up to RM2.5mil, which reduce the homeownership cost. With these, there is no better time to own a property. 

While many aspiring homebuyers are worried about the current economic climate, IJM Land provides reassurance that buying a property is still a viable and reliable form of investment. As a responsible developer aiming to empower their homebuyers, IJM Land prioritizes education and awareness all throughout their customers‟ homebuying journey by ensuring that they make informed decisions based on their needs and requirements. 

IJM Land believes that the majority of potential buyers and investors will likely continue using the virtual platform post-Covid-19. Addressing the anticipated shift in consumer behavior, IJM Land has advanced its portal and updated its website to accept online bookings that enables buyers not only to book their desired IJM Land property but even purchase it from the convenience and comfort of their homes. Their professionally-trained sales representatives will also be assigned to each homebuyer who will assist them every step of the way, providing them with a smooth-sailing homebuying journey. After the booking is confirmed, the project‟s representative will get in touch with the buyers for further documents, finance and insurance formalities, allot your home and IJM Land will hand over your new home. 

IJM Land will continue to build up its customer base and market its properties through making enhancements to its digital marketing platforms, curating content for social media and by providing immersive experiences with videos and 360° virtual walkthrough of show units. Ultimately, the developer will also dive in to understand the needs of their customers using available data, and relentlessly work towards developing products that fulfill the needs of Malaysian homebuyers. 

Visit the IJM Land official website for details: http://www.ijmland.com 

-End of Press Release- 

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