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Lifestyle and Property Investing. How to Manage and Maximise? There’s a Bull Run too.

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How times have changed.

When property developers build a property today, they have to realise that the new generation and the previous one would have a totally different lifestyle. It would have been sufficient to have a field with a few swings and a few concrete chairs within the development probably 20 years ago. If we try to do the same thing today, it will be hard to even attract those same buyers because even they would have changed. This is lifestyle.

Lifestyle is now important

This is why when we look at investments, it would also have to be infused with the lifestyle element inside. The question is always how to we manage and how do we maximise it? How do we know what are some of the important elements for a lifestyle property investment? Join me yeah. The experienced moderator, Ms. Syilda Ismail will be asking me many questions. Click here to know her. She’s on tv shows all the time.

Potential Bull Run in the market

Even more importantly for all property investors, do not miss this upcoming event which will also be discussing about the POTENTIAL for a BULL RUN in the property market. To dissect this, we have the expertise of Mr. Faizul Ridzuan, the CEO of FAR Capital who will also be on this show. He is a famous property speaker and has a super best seller book called “WTF 23 properties by 30.” (Do not smile… it’s a great book and I have a copy too)

Details for this Malaysian Property Outlook for 2020 and Beyond show is as below:

An event by Malaysian Property. (click here to know them)

Register now at https://bit.ly/MPTPropertyInvestment

Topic: Lifestyle Property Investing
Date: 1 August 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00am – 11:45am (Malaysia Time)
Live-streamed: Zoom, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Property and other partners’ Facebook (including fb.com/kopiandproperty)

Malaysian Property is pleased to have Mitraland giving us a tour of their latest lifestyle-centric development projects in this special session.

Mitraland Group — with Malaysian Property.

On the 1st August, this is the session you should not miss yeah. You will also get to see some short clips of what are the important things within a lifestyle property. Does it involve just the usual infinity swimming pool? Perhaps a smarthome which would switch on what’s needed as soon as you step into the house and say “I am home?” Actually, there’s more. See you on 1st August at 11am sharp. Here’s that registration link again yeah. (click here)

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