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What is a home sweet home? It’s about me, really.

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Do we buy a house because our friends say that area is awesome when our current office is 47 minutes away in the morning? If we think there’s something wrong about this, then let me tell you that my ex team-mate bought a home which is 55 minutes away because she said for the same amount, she could not buy even a house which is half the size within a gated and guarded development in PJ. She’s very happy with her purchase and I went to her home for house warming. Even her husband was happy with the home and told us many advantages about the buy despite both of them working within the city centre.

Sometimes, alternative solutions exist

Do we stretch ourselves like crazy for a home which is 300 sq ft bigger because we plan to start a family a few years later? (300 sq ft x RM600 per sq ft = extra RM180,000 a substantial amount). If we think this is too crazy, then let’s understand that when we put it into a monthly mortgage perspective, then this RM180,000 is just RM700 plus. What if we could rent out the master-room for now and only take it back when the day comes? By then, we have a much bigger home and yet the tenant had subsidised the purchase for a few years.

Many times, it may not be what you think because everyone is different

Do we buy a small unit for a very high price per sq ft because it’s within walking distance to our office? Again, many slightly older people including me would not like this idea very much. However, a close friend of mine who’s a senior manager did just that and she’s very happy with her choice. She wakes up at 8am and could be inside the office by 830am. It’s not even about the 30 minutes. It’s about the 8am! There are not many areas in the whole Greater Kuala Lumpur where we can afford to start our journey after 7am! Yet, she wakes up at 8am….

With time, good property always a good investment

Occasionally, my wife and I will talk about the first property we bought in 2002. Yea, 18 years ago. It was a 730 sq ft apartment with very minimal facilities in Relau, Penang. The swimming pool was a highlight though. Nothing too fancy but it’s huge! I enjoyed it roughly 10 times during the 4 years I stayed there. Haha. From the swimming pool, I could see my our 2nd property in the next neighbourhood, a 1,258 sq ft condo being built. My wife and I were happy there. In fact my sister stayed with us for 2 years and later on my brother-in-law stayed for 2 years too. It was a small and simple apartment but this was the apartment which started my property investment journey.

It’s about me, really!

Personally, I think the best house does not really concern the area, the type and even the developer. It’s the one that makes us feel the most at home. Happiness is usually inside this mix. We may be saving for the next upgrade, so this first home should not be too expensive. We may want to think very far ahead and thus prefers to stretch now because a few years later when our salary is up, then it’s no longer a stretch and yet at the same, homes like this will be much more expensive. In fact, some times that secondary property really does not look modern at all but it’s nearby the in-law’s home and they help to care for the kids. Do not head too many people giving too many ideas. Going back to the WHY helps tremendously. Your home sweet home is your home sweet home. Happy buying one.

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