the KopiTalk #7: Making sure our wealth is always SAFE

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Too many times we are too focused on building up our wealth and we forgotten that whatever we built up could be gone if we face unforeseen circumstances. Too many times we take things too lightly. However, how we know how to protect what we have built effectively? Just simply buying an insurance, can? What about buying medical insurance then, can? Enough?

If we have many properties, how do we protect the value of the assets without losing it too much to bureaucracy related payments? (Yes, it could happen!) How do we know how much is too much and how little is too little? Truth is, managing our wealth effectively will save us a lot and even more importantly, we ensure our wealth is always safe!

This is why our guest-of-honour is the best person to talk about this. I managed to invite Ms. Elane, Founder & CEO of Vision One Hundred Consultancy Sdn Bhd who will have to answer all these super important questions and more.

Do not miss this session. If you sign up in advance with your email and drop in your question, then you will also be entitled to a lucky draw for Dr. Peter Yee’s latest book; Property Investment Wisdom. (I have personally reviewed it here)

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