Property Bubble is negative. Travel / Green Bubble is positive. Which country to start first?

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If the question is whether Malaysia will welcome international visitors again, the answer is yes. If the question is when, then it may be a little more tricky. Malaysia does not wish to open its borders to all countries and for countries which it opens its borders to, it expects that country to reciprocate too. There were talks of a travel bubble between Covid-19 safe countries. Again, safe is not zero cases. Safe means situation is under control.

A few countries have been mentioned for this potential travel bubble. Means we can go to their country and they can come to our country. Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and latest, Australia. I think if we are talking about travel, it’s with flights yeah. At the moment, I am really not sure how many are eagerly waiting to go into a cruise liner yet. So, what’s up with the proposal for Australia-Malaysia travel bubble?

Article in NST.com.my Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that preliminary discussions on the implementation of the ‘green bubble’ with Australia has started. There were earlier discussions with Singapore and Brunei too. He said, “We (the Ministry of Health) should look at the current situation in the respective countries and the SOP (standard operating procedure) that can be adopted in both countries.”

As for Singapore, the talks were aimed at identifying the groups to be allowed. Nothing has been finalised yet. The concept of ‘green bubble’ involves the easing of travel restrictions between two or more countries that record low local Covid-19 infection. Do read the full article in NST.com.my.

For those who thinks that we can only allow travelling once the COVID-19 is fully eradicated, I need to remind that this will be 12-24 months away at least. Should be more. However, the most important thing about COVID-19 is to follow the SOPs and continue to stay vigilant and always take precautions. Economy remains very important to the country because even the doctors and nurses and other front liners would have to be paid and countries cannot continue to have zero tax earnings but continue to pay them and for all the required equipments, medicine and more in this fight against COVID-19. Happy understanding and yes, perhaps even start making plans for a holiday in some countries which will be inside the travel bubble.

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