My favourite Cameron Highlands is getting higher visits again

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Yes, if you ask me if I would like to drop by Cameron Highlands every other month, the answer is a Yes. Somehow, drinking tea over there and watching the tea plantation is something I could do every other month. Haha. Plus, my parents love it too, so if they like it, let’s go more often. My brother and sister likes it too but probably not every other month. Okay, with the current relaxation of movement, it seems that Malaysians have started to drive up Cameron Highlands again. Buying vegetables perhaps or just to enjoy a cold evening up there. Regardless, relaxation is a must okay.

Article in nst.com.my Temperatures as low as 14 degrees Celcius is one attraction in Cameron Highlands and the number of people going up is going up again. (pun intended). Many people love to visit the must-see places including the Kea Farm market, tea plantations and flower farms. Visitors were required to write their names and phone numbers, wear masks and have body temperature taken before they could enter the selling area for fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to director of the Pahang Tourism Ministry, Arts and Culture Ministry Office, Datuk Idros Yahya, the number of tourists here increased after interstate travel was allowed, with most focusing on ecotourism and food centres. He said, “Most people like to visit countries with cooler weather such as New Zealand, China, Korea and Japan, so when they were not allowed to travel overseas, they sought out hilly areas like Cameron Highlands.” Please do read the full article yeah. Article in nst.com.my

Well, what are you waiting for? Oh, you are waiting for the coming weekend. Okay, remember to start planning yeah. I browsed booking.com Many attractive room offers yeah. Below image is as at currently.

Image source: booking.com

If we suddenly meet there and you happened to recognise me, let’s enjoy a teh tarik on me! yes, I do think I will be going up Cameron Highlands within the next few weekends. Happy booking yeah.

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