the KopiTalk #6 – Making Better Decisions with Data

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Updated 1st July. WOW, an hour of lots of actual information. Where are the most popular areas in Kuala Lumpur when people search? By the way, the most popular in search WAS NOT where the most transactions happen… Most searches also do not mean highest capital appreciation! Happy viewing yeah. Lots of good information to guide our decision making. Please do not miss this.

It’s the KopiTalk #6. In our life, making good decisions is not easy at all. Imagine first time buying a smartphone which costs RM1,000. It’s endless research online on the reviews for many smartphone brands before we decide. What about buying our very first car? Even if it’s a secondhand unit? It’s still easily RM30,000 or higher, maybe. These two decisions, RM1,000 and RM30,000 if we were to make that wrong decision, the outcome is going to be disastrous. Okay, maybe that handphone one is still okay but the RM30,000 one?

Then, we come to that stage in our life where a property seems to be the next logical step. We either got promoted and now have a higher pay and could now afford to pay for a first property. We could be getting married soon and needed a roof over our head because the father-in-law insisted that if you get married, you better NOT stay in some rented rooms… A property is many hundreds of thousands of ringgit. So, how do we make that huge leap? By making better decisions with data. We definitely need information to do price negotiations, right?

Joining me as guest of honour is Premendran Pathmanathan, Founder of Brickz.my This is where we could get the updated transacted property prices in Malaysia. Why do we need to access this data you may ask? We will ask many more questions during the KopiTalk #6. Please do fill up this survey form and put in those questions. I will ask him for you on 1st July (Wednesday) at 9pm. Okay? See you.

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