Construction delays because of COVID-19 lockdowns. How do we resolve them?

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Many things happened after COVID-19 arrived. During the Movement Control Order (MCO) businesses were closed, even F&B outlets. Malls were closed, even drive-throughs. Sales galleries were closed, even lawyers’ office. There’s one huge industry which will be hit with a lot of issues; construction. With months of zero activities, there will be delays. When delay happen, there will be disputes about the delays and there will be claims.

How will the construction industry emerge from this? Will the buyers be compensated fairly? Let’s hear from the experts in the Malaysian Property Talkshow on 4th July (Saturday) at 11am. More information in the image below. Moderating the two experts would be Malaysiakini CEO, Mr. Premesh Chandran. The two experts are Mr. Leong Hong Kit from MAC Consultant and Mr. Lam Wai Loon, Partner, Harold & Lam Partnership. Register for free now. Reminders will be sent.

Moderator and Speakers credentials as below:

Mr. Premesh Chandran, CEO Malaysiakini

Mr. Leong Hong Kit, MAC Consultant

Mr. Lam Wai Loon, Partner Harold & Lam Partnership

Beyond this show, there are 5 more. For updates, please follows here.

See you on 4th July 2020. Stay safe and take care.

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