Living longer, happy! More money needed, oops.

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Long time ago, way before I was born, the life expectancy of a Malaysian was around 60 years. Explained briefly, it meant that from the day a Malaysian was born (then) until the day the Malaysian bids bye-bye to the world, it’s 60 years. Google’s sourced info from World Bank shows the below:

Today, based on the latest statistics available from Department of Statistics Malaysia, the life expectancy in Malaysia has now reached a combined average of 74.5 years. Actually, it’s not so true for men. We are expected to live to 72 and our female friend may live to 77 years. That’s about 5 years of difference. Perhaps this should also tell the men to find older women? Don’t think too much okay, love as they say is blind. Just make the best out of every moment. Do refer to the image for more understanding and reference.

We are quite fortunate because the healthcare for Malaysians remains accessible. We could already see this especially when we look at how our healthcare frontliners handle the COVID-19 pandemic. We have shown the world why our healthcare is consistently ranked among the top if not around the top. 🙂 However I still need to remind everyone that because we live longer, we would also need to prepare more retirement funds.

Our EPF has also announced that the quantum for the Basic Savings will be revised from RM196,800 to RM228,000 effective 1 January 2017. The amount will be set as the minimum target EPF savings members should have when they reach age 55. Read the full article here. This tells us that even EPF is worried for us when we retire. The money we have MUST be stretched longer. If we were to ask around, majority would say even RM228,000 is very little. Retiring at 55 and living to 75 meant 20 years. RM228,000 / 20 years / 12 months meant everyone has just RM950 every month or RM30 per day… Do something about it, okay? Keep reading other articles in kopiandproperty.com for options. Savings is definitely one of it. Do it monthly please. Happy understanding.

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