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An Investor Roadmap to Asia Industrial Property Opportunities.

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I read the analysis by Colliers Insight. I think it’s a good report for our reference. While it focusses on Hong Kong, Singapore and China, I think many of the contents are applicable for our understanding about the commercial / industrial property as well. Please do refer to their release as below:

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Today we released our latest Colliers Insight report – An Investor Roadmap to Asia Industrial Property Opportunities.

In this paper, we examine the rapid and ongoing evolution of industrial and logistics property in the region – with a special market focus on Singapore, Hong Kong and China – and the potential this will unleash for investors seeking to boost the strength and resiliency of their portfolios.

Key highlights from the paper include:

  • The industrials and logistics sector has grown due to connected technologies; a burgeoning consumer class; a surge in e-commerce; growth in dedicated business parks; development of logistics facilities; and the proliferation of data centres
  • COVID-19 has accelerated trends in the sector; key shifts include the emergence of a lockdown economy, embracing new technology to enable remote working, a drive to scale up network infrastructure, continued data centre development, robust demand for logistics assets, and upgrading of aging industrial properties
  • Adoption of an omnichannel approach, deploying emerging tech to smooth the consumer journey and 5G creating new connections will drive several trends in the development of, and demand for, logistics and industrial assets
  • The main implications for the sector regionally include: growth in ‘hub and spoke’ facilities near urban locations; emergence of ‘flex’ warehouses; and focus on future-proofing facilities
  • We recommend that in the near term investors look at industrial assets in emerging consumer centres, consider the possibility of conversions, look beyond top-tier markets and explore data centres

The full report is available for download here. (click) Happy reading and learning.

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