How to get my client to decide faster? Buy or no buy?

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This is part of Charles Tan’s Objection Handling 101: PLAN – PROBE – PROPOSE series. For this session on 4th April 2020 (Saturday) at 11am, it will be conducted in BM yeah. Yeah, I think more suitable for Malaysians instead of foreigners. Unless of course you also understand BM too.

Actual scenario for sales people: Ever faced a situation where we spent a lot of our precious time explaining everything we know about a certain product / service and after we have put in so much effort, the client says, ‘no comment’ or ‘let me think about it.’? Perhaps it’s not the explanation part yeah. It may not even be the product / service issue. So, where did we go wrong then? If you like to listen to the English version, click here yeah.

Else, the BM version is coming soon where it will also answer some additional questions posed by some listeners during the English session too. (Click below to click ‘Interested’ ok. Cheers.

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