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Hold on first. There’s an appeal in the courts now.

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It’s important to have all sides of the story yeah. Development will always be important because it can be a catalyst of growth to the economy for example. However, development at the expense of the environment may not be clever. This is why it’s always a delicate balance. By the way, there are so many of the developments outside Malaysia where the nature is still nature and yet the visitors are aplenty and everyone is happy.

This has been going on for a while.It’s for Penang South Reclamation (PSR) which is part of the Penang TransportMaster Plan (PTMP). The reason by the state government very briefly is that the reclamation will provide the much needed funds for the continuation of the PTMP. As everyone would have read, the funds needed to continue propelling Penang to the next level of growth could be self-generated too. PSR was one of the ways.

Article in malaymail.com Penang Forum’s Khoo Salma Nasution says that the reclamation has to wait pending the appeal from the the Sungei Batu fishermen to the Department of Environment (DoE). The case is yet to be heard. She said, “The DoE has not form an appeals board to hear the case yet so the appeal case, which is the first of its kind in the country, is still pending.”

With regards to the state government’s claims that the PSR will mitigate climate change, she said, “The PSR is not climate mitigation but climate aggravation.” She added, “Reclaiming land by using sand from Perak and making it higher does not mitigate climate change, it aggravates it as they are digging sand from another spot and destroying the environment.” Please do read the Article in malaymail.com

I would love to ensure the environment is protected. At the same time, I am pro-development because Penang needs to keep building itself up and not just keep milking what it has currently. Truth is, the traffic jams in Penang is already pretty severe and if we wait till the traffic jam comes to a gridlock, then the construction of more transportation options will become even more harder.

I always believe that there’s always a way to include everyone into the development. Of course, sincerity and pro-activeness must come from both sides yeah. Will continue writing about the latest development as they happen. PTMP is a catalyst even if I do not agree to everything that is being planned currently. Do read my articles often and you will know what are the things I think could change. Happy following.

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