MAREC 2020 is a MUST-ATTEND event for all RENs. 30 Speakers and a Super VIP Keynote Speaker.

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Before you even start reading this article, if you are really a Real Estate Negotiator who wants to move up in this industry, Click here and register asap. This is MAREC Summit 2020 where any REN will be able to learn from many hundreds of years of experience combined from all the confirmed speakers. This is also where members of the public could suddenly become more aware of what’s happening and perhaps to start identifying opportunities in the industry and the market too.

Whether’s it’s the market statistics which is super important when it comes to being consultative to your first-time home buyers to the selling better skills and even what makes a REN become a great REN, how to do advertise on FB for free and more, all these and more other relevant topics from very experienced and expert speakers are covered. Yes, I have personally listened to many of them and they will help you improve.

I am not sure what you love to do with RM30 these days but I will spend RM30 to listen, learn and apply new skills and knowledge from established speakers. The registration fee is just RM799 (until end of February) and there are 30 Speakers. In other words, only RM26 per speaker. Click here to register yeah.

By the way, the below VIP will be the the Keynote Speaker and the Guest of Honour. We have YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. His topic: Role of Estate Agents Towards Nation Building.

See you there yeah. I leave you with this famous quote “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” ―Abigail Adams.

Please download the programme here.

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