What’s the Base Rate for the loans I am about to apply?

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If you are about to apply for a home loan, I think this information is useful for you. Take a look at the banks with a lower indicative effective lending rate and that monthly instalment may just be lower versus those banks with a higher indicative effective lending rate. Note, I say ‘may’ because the banks will still look at the loan amount, our credit ratings etc before they issue the approval for our loan applications yeah.

Plus, if you happened to be a Preferred or Premier customer to the bank, then of course the rates they offer will be lower than what they usually offer. Some banks are also ‘hungrier’ for loans than others and when this is the situation, the rates they offer will be more attractive than other banks. By the way, always note that with lower home loan rates, it will also mean a lower Fixed Deposit rates too. Here’s that earlier article: Maybe even lower home loan and fixed deposit rates this year

Source: bnm.gov.my
Source: bnm.gov.my
Source: bnm.gov.my

If you need the softcopy instead, Do proceed to download the full file from BNM here yeah. Would you like to know why sometimes the home loan is rejected? These are the reasons why housing loans were rejected If we look at the full list above, it is clear that Malaysian consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to applying for loans. Wishing you success in your loan application yeah. Cheers.

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