As long as you love, that’s the best yeah. Does not mean your life is better than mine. :)

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Do I love to go holidaying in some exotic beaches where the view is spectacular? YES. Would I love to stay in my own property in some advanced cities in some advanced countries? YES. However, I would not want to be staying by the beach for 365 days a year, regardless of how spectacular the sunrise or sunset is. Malaysia has sunrise and sunset views daily too. As like most Malaysians, I also do not have unlimited money coming into my bank account every month. Thus, I would not want to own a property which is empty for the whole year until my next visit. It has to somehow be rented out to cover the mortgages.

Would I consider working overseas? YES. However, the offer must be a very spectacular one. It has to be an upgrade or promotion. Not even a lateral move, sorry. If I have to take up jobs that the locals in the country do not want or to take a position downgrade where I have to now report to someone younger and less experienced simply because he / she is a local and I am from another country? Then, the answer is NO. Come on Malaysians, do we suddenly become ‘unskilled’ or ‘lowly skilled’ as soon as we go to another country?

This has been a conversation with many friends for many years. Many would tell me how ‘superior’ their life is at some other countries and yet the reasons given are really not that ‘superior’ in my personal opinion. One said that in the new country, she could take the public transport to anywhere she likes in because the public transport there is by far more superior than Malaysia. It is SO CONVENIENT! Haha.  

Frankly, even if I am a single today and not having a family of four, I would still prefer to drive. It gives me real convenience. I can start when I want, go where I want and even have crazy jokes with a few close friends in my car all the way until I arrive at the destination. As they say, it’s the journey…  By the way, only 5% of the people in that country that my friend said could actually afford a car…..

Another told me that she has so much land in the new country she was in that she was now rearing sheep and cows and that she’s extremely happy. She said, “there’s no way she could do the same thing in Malaysia.” I congratulated her because she has a life that she likes.  As for me, I love going to farms once every year and my kids would love to touch the sheep or the cow and even drink a cup of fresh milk or two. Certainly not becoming a farmer on a daily basis…. And as for the opportunity to do the same thing in Malaysia, it’s possible lah even though the sheep would NOT be white in colour and the cow would be of a different breed due to the weather.

The conclusion is a very simple one. Everyone loves different things and when ANYONE comes back from whatever country they have now grown in love with, please do not give me some reasons why your life is superior than me yeah. You enjoy what you enjoy and I enjoy what I enjoy. There are so many superior things in Malaysia but I would not want to tempt you to come back. I always think it is best that everyone is happy instead of having to keep debating or comparing. Life’s too short for that. I’s rather go to any of my high-rise properties and enjoy the swimming pool instead… (yes, in 7 towns / cities in Malaysia today). Cheers.

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