Catalysts for Malaysia property market. Lots more on the way. Cheers.

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Stop looking at an area as a popular or not a popular one. This is especially when it comes to Greater Kuala Lumpur. The growth in population is driving the demand for properties further away and well, KLCC is already out of reach for many. It is better to look at what’s the potential and whether it’s okay to buy now, stay there and then enjoy those appreciation when the catalysts become clearer. Petronas Twin Towers was a catalyst. The LRT was a catalyst. The many new expressways were also catalysts. Moving forward, there will certainly be more.

This is a very comprehensive overview of all the potential catalysts in Malaysia at a glance. Do read it at theedgemarkets.com here. I have only listed down some of those I particularly love as below:

Belt & Road initiative by China. This is an initiative to connect Asia, Africa and Europe via land trade routes throughout central Asia. ECRL is part of this. (Please remember to be part of anything which the ‘surely biggest economy’ has in plan okay. This is not the time to be so exclusive…)

MRT 3. Yes, The Circle Line. Foo of CBRE|WTW says that MRT3 may facilitate overall integration of the various rail systems, which were not planned and developed by a single authority. Without integration, the existing connectivity in Kuala Lumpur is less than 50% effective. (fully agree!! By the way, it’s not the cost that we should look at when deciding okay. It’s the potential catalysts…)

West Coast Expressway (WCE). This links Taiping in Perak all the way to Banting in Selangor. I am from Perak and now staying in Selangor, of course I am happy! However, what this will really do is to boost economic development as it will help the logistics and supply chain management.

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX). Stop thinking of who started it or whatever. Please understand that this will become Kuala Lumpur International Financial District. When more financial entities are competing within the same area, everyone gets better and more will actually come.

Bandar Malaysia. The address is Kuala Lumpur and it’s less than 10km away from the city centre. I think we do not need to debate too much about the potential FDI which will be coming in as well as the availability of more homes for people who hates staying too far away from the city centre. It’s GDV is RM140 billion…

Iskandar Malaysia. It has a next door neighbour called Singapore. Its neighbour meanwhile needs to help its SMEs to grow and its SMEs cannot grow if all they do is just having very small shops / factories within Singapore. Basically, it’s a win-win for both sides, really. Total cumulated committed investments have reached RM320 billion as at June 2019. This is a very comprehensive overview of all the potential catalysts in Malaysia at a glance. Do read it at theedgemarkets.com here.

Yes, property investment remains a sound investment for a very long time to come, just like any other investment types which is rooted on continuous growth in the economy. If you do not understand what you are investing in, then it’s not an investment. It’s just a gamble. I hope everyone will be lucky with all the decisions they may or they may prefer to invest into something which is easier to understand instead. Cheers.

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