Fame carries an advantage. It does not carry any guarantees.

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Someone asked me this question. Should we buy a project when someone famous said that the project is a good buy or the famous person bought into the project as well? My answer is to ask this. Are you buying for own-stay or to rent it out or to sell it in the future? If the answer is own-stay and you REALLY like the design, the location, the amenities nearby etc, then you should buy a unit. The famous person’s endorsement will be a plus point.

If you intend to rent it out or even sell it in the future, ask ourselves this first. Is the price at a compatible level versus all similar projects nearby? If it is compatible, then it should be a buy since the endorsement from the famous personality will be an added advantage. However, if the price is higher than all other nearby properties, then think again if your next buyer will also love the endorsement from this famous personality.

If your answer is yes, then you should also be prepared to hold, just in case. If the answer is no, then of course it is not a good buy no matter how famous the personality is. Oh yeah, in case that famous personality is also staying there and you would love to bump into the person daily, then by all means please buy. Else, you could only see the person on the screen… Just need to remember that there is no guarantee that the person will stay there forever or even hold on to the property forever.

If the famous personality tells the reasons why he was endorsing the project and all the reasons make perfect sense to you, then this is another really good reason to buy. If the reasons do not make any sense to you, it is no-go. No matter how many years you have loved this personality. This is not buying a concert ticket of a few hundred ringgit yeah. Want to check the transactions of units nearby before making a decision? Here’s one way: brickz.my

Happy believing in yourself, first and not others. One man’s meat is another’s poison. The same property may not be suitable for all buyers yeah. Earlier article here: Same car, same property? Different results for different people Fame carries an advantage. It does not carry any guarantees. A good project will still be a good project. Happy deciding after evaluating and everything will just be fine. You may have lots of wefie opportunities with your famous neighbour yeah.

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1 thought on “Fame carries an advantage. It does not carry any guarantees.”

  1. Its a blunder mistake, if we trust Celebrities and buy any property, buying property, is a huge investment for any person and hence, we should only think practically while buying in property.

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