Important. Stay INVESTED, regardless of economic situation.

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Nope, the advice in the title did not come from me even if I agree wholeheartedly. Before we read the person comment in full, let’s assume the economy is now doing extremely well and we have many investments which is now in positive territory. So, do we sell everything to take all the profits and then wait? I mean wait for the next crisis? How long do we have to wait no one knows, really. Not even some prominent economist yeah.

What about if it’s the other way round. The economy is doing badly, many potential “investables” like stocks are trading at low Price to Earnings. Many property owners are willing to sell their properties for 20% lower. So, do we buy everything we could get hold of? Actually, in both situations, we need to ensure we are not over-stretched but we should continue to remain invested whether it’s during a boom time or during a crisis. If you agree with my views, read on. Else, skip to the next article yeah.

Article in thestar.com.my Studies have shown that more than 60% of Malaysians who retired at the age of 55 did not even have at least RM240,000 in their EPF accounts. GAX MD managing director and chief executive officer Ronnie Tan shared that 60% of those that were declared bankrupt were aged between 25 and 34 due to personal loans, car loans and credit cards. The reasons he said are because of the need for instant gratification, the lack of discipline and the easy access to personal loans.

Tan shared that if one were to save RM300 per month, it may become RM60,000 in 10 years. Over a period of 30 years, based on a 10% returns per annum, this amount could become RM640,000. He shared this based on his company’s past performance. He also shared more about how his company helps investors invest better because, “We take the nitty gritty away from the investors. We do the necessary buy and sell on a discretionary manner and the intention of getting good returns so you don’t have to pick individual ETFs.” Read on for more: Article in thestar.com.my

I have also been investing into ETFs and just forgetting all about it because I do not wish to touch it for at least many years. Then, hopefully it may give me a pleasant surprise. No idea if it could reach 10% per annum but I think anything double that of FD rates at a manageable risk level looks good enough. This was what I invested in: I started investing via Stashaway Yea, long time ago, I wrote this article too: Forced Savings would be one way to start investing.

Remember, most of us have limited wealth. Whether it’s a monthly salary or even some extra money we have from our parents. This is the reason why many times, our money is gone with the wind and after 30 years, we realise we have almost saved nothing. Where has my money gone to? Well, here’s that article: Where has all my money gone to!? Happy understanding that no one owes us anything.

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