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Country Garden Danga Bay to Appeal Against The Decision of the Court of Appeal

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With regards to the decision delivered by the Court of Appeal on 11 December 2019 in respect of a dispute between a home buyer and  Country Garden Danga Bay Sdn Bhd (“CGDB”), we wish to state that while CGDB respects the decision of the Court of Appeal, we do not agree with the said decision. We have instructed our lawyers to proceed with the necessary leave application to appeal to the Federal Court. Thus far, we believe we have reasonable basis to appeal.


CGDB has always been a law-abiding corporate citizen, having the utmost respect of the laws in force in Malaysia. CGDB values all our purchasers and we want to work together towards a harmonized community.


Country Garden Danga Bay to Appeal Against The Decision of the Court of Appeal

Johor Bahru, 14 December 2019: Solicitor representing Country Garden Danga Bay Sdn Bhd (CGDB), Leonard Yeoh clarifying the recent verdict of the dismissal by the Court of Appeal of the appeal filed by CGDB over an earlier judicial review against the Homebuyers’ Tribunal’s decision that favoured a Singaporean house buyer, with regards to a claim of delivering a different unit. 

Clarifications are based on questions and answers (questions posed by press to CGDB’s solicitor Leonard Yeoh) below:

1. The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal, is CGDB going to file for an appeal in the Federal Court?

Yes, we have been instructed to file for leave by our client to appeal to the Federal Court. 

2. How many questions of law are you going to put before the Federal Court?

Novel and jurisdictional issues since there is a miscarriage of justice affecting the public. We will work with our client to finalise the questions.

3. How many days does CGDB have to apply for leave to appeal to the Federal Court?

One month.

4. Is it true that changes were made on 25 out of 26 pages in the sale and purchase agreement?

There was no mention in any of the awards or judgments. It was merely an allegation by the house buyer.

The above are clarifications on CGDB’s position towards this case.

— end of media statement —

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