Buy REAL books at Big Bad Wolf @MIECC (6-16 Dec 2019 and it’s open 24 hours)

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I have bought a number of e-books. Sorry, it’s not for me. I continue to love the feeling of holding the actual book and I believe I could read better with a physical copy of the book. Kindle is just not for me, regardless of what many of my friends say. One reads via Kindle every morning but even she continues to buy real books and finishes a book nearly weekly.

Oh yeah, coming back to the actual reason for this article cum announcement. Please do go and visit Big Bad Wolf (BBW) 2019 yeah. It’s starting tomorrow @ the MIECC (The Mines). Discounts are announced as between 75 – 95% and there are 4.5 million new books for sale. As for anyone who just could not sleep after a trip to the mamak, you can also drop by because it’s open 24 hours. Its Facebook page is here. You can go to the mamak again after visiting the BBW.

The last trip I went, it was 90% books for the kids and well, 10% for me. I did not have time to browse slowly because both the kids were with me too. I think this time, I shall go only when both of them are asleep. If I see you there, please say Hi! A famous quote by Jhumpa Lahiri: “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” Its Facebook page is here.

Oh yeah, there are surely hundreds of property related books too. Read more! Cheers.

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