Prediction on GDP growth for Malaysia in 2020?

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Too many people asked me if Malaysia’s economy is in trouble. Actually, it’s very tough to answer with a one-line question. What’s the meaning of ‘in trouble?’ Recession? Even during a recession, some sectors remain fine. The many closures by some supermarkets? Well, there’s also lots of opening of supermarkets too… Anyway, let’s look at just some predictions of GDP growth of Malaysia for 2020. Yeah, that’s just 1 month plus away.

4.1% for 2020 (click to read full article). HSBC Malaysia chief executive officer Stuart Milne said, “We have a positive business environment here. We forecast about 4.1 per cent of Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2020.” He added, “The 2020 Budget is very sensible and the (country’s) debt rating is also important to access capital market, to stimulate growth in the local economy.”

4.3% for 2020 (click to read full article). RHB Investment Bank Bhd has maintained its gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast for Malaysia at 4.3% for 2020 and 4.5% for 2019 as it continues to see downside risks arising from the protracted global trade.

4.5% for 2020 (click to read full article). Fitch Solutions Macro Research (FSMR) forecasted that the Malaysia’s economic growth is likely to dip to 4.5 per cent for 2020 due to the prolonged effects of a slow global economy. It added that for next year, private spending — which had been the main economic driver — will likely decrease as consumers feel the pinch of fuel subsidies being rolled back.

4.6% for 2020. (click to read full article) The World Bank has trimmed its forecast for Malaysia’s 2019 economic growth to 4.6% from 4.7% earlier, due to weaker-than-expected investment and export activity in the first quarter. World Bank Group lead economist Richard Record said it is maintaining its forecast of 4.6% for 2020.

4.8% for 2020. (click here to read full article). Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the Malaysian economy is expected to grow at a slightly faster pace of 4.8% in 2020 from 4.7% in 2019. “Malaysia’s sound banking system and well-developed capital markets are more than capable of providing sufficient liquidity for various economic activities.”

It’s very clear from all the forecasts. Our Malaysian GDP in 2020 will not be in a recession yeah. It’s worth noting though that all these are forecasts based on normal circumstances. It does not mean that the ONE trade war between the largest and second largest economy will not affect all the countries in the world.

kopiandproperty.com prediction? No idea. Just keep improving in whatever we do to earn more money to provide for the family and the loved ones. Nothing is certain but we can certainly prepare for it proactively instead of waiting for it to happen and reacting to it, usually negatively. If we think bad times are coming, then prepare cash to grab all the opportunities. If we think good times are coming, then saving and investing now may be key. Till then, happy reading. Will continue updating as and when things happen.

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