Okay, if we really do not wish to own a car… what about property?

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I declare first. I do not believe I will lease a car instead of buying one. Yes, I intend to buy a new car once I have finished paying for my wife’s current car. 12 more months to go. I also do not wish to rent any property for now (regardless of how many articles are supporting this view in google) but when I retire, I do not wish to own the home I stay then because I will be travelling around and does not think paying a few thousand ringgit just so I could stay a few nights every month is worth the money.

Hopefully my wish will come true yeah. Coming back to Malaysia, a research by Avis Budget Group Inc found that 51% of respondents in Malaysia will likely give up their car ownership and opt for long-term car rental IF it was convenient and easy for them. Please look at the word IF, again and again yeah.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com Research by Avis Budget Group Inc, a leading global mobility solutions provider, found 51% of respondents in Malaysia stating that they are likely to give up car ownership and opt for long-term car rental or subscription services if it was convenient and easy for them. 97% says owning a car is important.

Avis Budget International president Keith Rankin, “Changing needs and the expansion of the sharing economy offer both challenges and opportunities for the mobility industry. Our research has shown that while consumers are expectant of connected, integrated and on-demand services, they still want convenience at a reasonable price.” Please do read the full article with lots of other interesting facts here: Article in themalaysianreserve.com

Maybe, just maybe if we were to ask this question instead. “Would you wish to rent a property IF if was affordable and easy to do?” The answer may also reveal that half of all respondents will answer a YES. I have no intention to conduct this survey yeah. However, always remember that everyone leasing does not mean car companies go out of business yeah.

In fact, car sales may even go up as people no longer drive the same car for 10 years for example. They may prefer to keep changing cars every now and then… So, this is definitely not something friendly to mother nature yeah. It’s just a preference. As for all other predictions about how ride-hailing will be killing car ownership, please do understand that the number of cars available for ride-for-hire has to be higher than the number of cars being owned. It is highly unlikely that every car-for-hire happened to be nearby someone who wanted to hire a car, fast. It is even more unlikely that 4 people would be willing and happened to be calling for a car at the same time from the same place. There has to be some extra cars around… Happy understanding.

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