CIQ at peak traffic. What’s the upcoming solution?

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Yes, I have personally experienced going into Singapore and coming back to Johor Bahru and the experience was ‘horrendous.’ So many wasted hours which could have been spent productively. Well, I am just one of of the few hundred thousands of people using going into and Singapore back into Johor Bahru and vice-versa. Now, the news is that the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) at both Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar (KSAB) were already reaching their maximum capabilities.

Article in thestar.com.my Gambir assemblyman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Pagoh MP and Home Minister shared that a third bridge linking Singapore and Johor will resolve conestion problems at both the Causeway and Second Link here. He said, “The two premises have already reached their maximum level of capacity. The congestion at the BSI in Johor Baru is the most congested CIQ in the world, and this is something we should not be proud of.”

Muhyiddin said he had informed the Federal Government an important factor to solve congestions at the two checkpoints was to build a third bridge. He said, “If the state government supports this, then I will start the initiative to have a third bridge, which must begin now. The third link does not have to be in the form of a bridge as it can also be a tunnel.” Tebrau Straits may be a good location for this as the area was wide. Please refer to the full Article in thestar.com.my

Hopefully the bridge will also be having a dedicated lane for public transport and any vehicles caught hogging it will receive a heavy fine. (Please apply this to ALL roads within Malaysia too, especially in Kuala Lumpur.) Else, if we are talking about just private vehicle lanes, it does not solve the issue of congestion for the common people who may not want to pay the taxi fare everyday even if it’s faster.

As for a potential thought of walking over to the other side via the bridge, let’s just put this aside first yeah. Fortunately this is not part of the suggestion. Encouraging the rakyat to be healthier is great but a solution should be one which does not require walking a few km and sweating when we arrive at the other side. Hopefully we hear more about this third bridge proposal soon. The more links the merrier. Just do not forget the Rail Transit System (RTS) yeah. Happy following.

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