Bed tax!! Means if I have 4 beds, I get taxed 4 times? (not happening…)

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There are just two things we could not run away from, they say. (Who are they? I don’t know). Haha. The two things are DEATH and TAXES. By the way, Malaysia does not have inheritance tax, unlike some inconsiderate governments out of Malaysia. 😛 So, what is this BED TAX? Well, it’s a tax which is levied on anyone who slept on a bed in a particular place they were visiting. You sleep on one bed, you pay tax for one bed. Or so it seems. Okay, okay, it’s not something new yeah. Some states already have it but this was something mentioned by the state government of Johor.

Article in thestar.com.my State tourism, women, family and community development committee chairman Liow Cai Tung said Johor is not looking at bed tax currently because there was already a tourism tax of RM10 implemented since 2018. She said, “However, the state government will consider the bed tax if there is a need.”

Currently, states with bed tax for tourists include Penang and Melaka and Pahang will be implementing it next year. She added that Johor collected a total of RM15.8 million in tourism tax for 2018 and this was fourth highest after Sabah, Penang and Selangor. Liow said Johor was targeting RM27.32 billion in tourism during the Visit Johor Year 2020. Total visitors target would be 18.4 million visitors. Article in thestar.com.my

The top 4 states where collection of tourism tax are the highest? Yeah, these states are good for property markets… more visitors means more demand for accommodation. An as usual, more tourists meant more shops being opened and thus more jobs. These people need to eat, thus even more shops open. They would then be shopping at the supermarket, so even more opens and well, the economy continues to grow.

However, the major catalyst for Johor Bahru is definitely going to be the Rail Transit System. As per some unconfirmed news (since the confirmed details are next year), it will be a Light Rail Transit instead. This is good enough to start. Plus that potential for bridge number 3. This will facilitate ease of travel between both sides and it will bring huge economy benefit to both, not just JB yeah. Many Johoreans may just want to drop by Singapore for day trips and that’s a great boost to the economy of our neighbour too. Happy waiting for more details.

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