Here are your keys. Go and stand ‘on’ the lake.

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I still could not stop smiling. You were promised a ‘lake-view’ for your high-rise unit. It has been completed and you were handed your keys. Now, happily you walk towards the promised lake and voila… it’s a fake lake. Water in the lake? It’s as blue as it can be BUT it’s some kind of plastic material. Need to walk over a bridge over the lake? It’s also built there and it’s a very small one. The promise was “park lifestyle.” Well, it really did not say that the lake must be filled with water…

Have you ever gotten the keys to your unit only to find that it was nothing like what was promised? I have been lucky thus far. I have not faced such predicaments before; totally unkept promise. While there were things which were not in order, it was fixed by the developer and everything was okay before I started renovating. In fact I would say the things which were promised were mostly kept too. So, what has happened recently which went viral all over the net?

Article in SouthChinaMorningPost Hunan Satellite TV’s City Channel reported on Sunday that homebuyers in a new residential development were in a shock. Instead of “high vegetation cover” and “park lifestyle” the real estate developer promised, the new owners were given a public area covered in a blue plastic material to look like a lake and a small timber bridge on the paving.

One owner said, “So I’m supposed to be standing in the middle of blue water, which in fact doesn’t exist. There is no rock or plants.” Another owner said, “We’re very unhappy about these grass block pavers. They’re usually used for driveways or car parks.”

As for the developer, it has responded that it has never promised an artificial lake inside the community. It’s promotional materials says this, “The days pass slowly, as if you’ve fallen into Peach Blossom Land.” Article in SouthChinaMorningPost

I have been to a friend’s apartment before where the ceiling was very prominently slanting to one side! The developer is STILL building homes today. Another old friend’s condo faced a leaking toilet from above his unit into his bathroom ceiling. This developer is also still building homes today. Meanwhile if we remember, there was one viral case of a disgruntled buyer for a luxury condo somewhere in Kuala Lumpur not very long ago.

Actually, all these tells us that it’s going to be bad news for developers who consistently promised but never delivered. The only issue is that potential buyers are usually quite easily fooled. As long the project seems to be 10% lower versus others within the same, it will sell well. No one ever wondered if the % discount was also because of % quality cost-cutting… Happy purchasing a unit AFTER asking too many questions and checking background of the developer.

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